A tribute to my Rucksack

<img width="180" height="180" class="floatleft" src="www.motorcycle.in.th/images/articles/A_tribute_to_my_Rucksack_1.jpg" alt="" />Before rotting retinas and bastard bureaucrats ruined my life. I rode the 80 kilometers from home to work on my motorcycle, with this blue and grey rucksack on my back. These days, I have changed bikes more then I have fingers but still using the same bag. It's the best rucksack I've ever owned. Why?

Because it's simple, tough, and holds everything I need. What I love about my rucksack is that it's functional, well made, and says a curt 'bumsen weg' to pretension. This bag obstinately not a 'luggage solution'; it's just a bag. It has one large main compartment, and a selection of interior zip pockets for smaller items. It holds up to 30 liters, which, I've discovered, is roughly equal to a basketful of groceries from Tesco Lotus - perfect.
The nylon outer shell is lightweight and showerproof, but in heavy &quot;Thai&quot; rain you'll need to deploy a rain cover that's stashed away in the base of the bag.

There's a multitude of straps - shoulders, waist and chest - which keeps your cargo totally stable whether you're on foot or motorcycle. The rigid back panel helps protect your wares and ensures good comfort, as it keeps the bag in shape.

My only gripe is that there's no exterior zip pocket, which would be handy for quick access to sundries. Apart from that, it's a shining exemplar of good things you can buy at Chatuchak weekend market.
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Sunday, 11 January 2009 @ 07:20 PM ICT
you what a tribute to a rucksack???? hahahahahahaha