The AGVisor - Electronic Controlled Dark VIsor

AGV's answer to the troubling-old problem of switching from tinted to clear visors has finally resolved.

The AGVisor has a liquid crystal display (LCD) bonded to the inner surface, which darkens when switched on to shield the rider's eyes from sunlight. It's just like using a dark visor – but without the need to change visors, or even operate an internal sun visor.

AGV has been working on the system, which uses technology from American company e-Tint, since 2011. It employs a small control unit stuck to the outer surface of the visor, near the rider's left cheek, with a button for the rider to operate it. It switches from clear to dark in under one second.
The AGVisor control unit also houses the battery, which is charged in two hours via a supplied micro USB cable, and is claimed to last 12 hours in tinted mode before needing to be recharged. If the battery goes flat, the visor insert returns to its clear status. The AGVisor fits AGV's top-end helmets – the Pista GP, Corse and GT Veloce and costs around 8000 THB.

Even when the AGVisor is switched off there is still a light tint and the AGVisor carries the warning that it's for daytime use only. But there is no distinction between day and night visors in Thai law – if it lets through 50% or more of available light then it's legal.

The AGVisor insert isn't removable, so the implications of a scratched visor are costly. The insert is bonded to the inner surface of the visor and the control unit sticks to the outside. But it does double as an anti-fog insert, so there's no need to have a Pinlock or similar.

The company behind the technology, e-Tint, sell inserts separately in the US. They can be fitted to a range of helmets and can be removed and refitted into a new visor. The e-Tint visors also have an 'automatic' mode. They are available online and cost around 5000 THB.
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