ABS Brakes on Sportsbikes

ABS brakes on sportsbikes? It's a question that always, draws heated discussions when posed to a room full of motorcycle designers, technicians, mechanics and commercial staff. Maybe we're so far detached from the real world that we think people actually consider flickly things such as un-sprung weight and the like. But, it would seem there is no escaping the fact that manufacturers are seeing ABS motorcycles outsell non ABS variants by a huge margin.

We recently overheard a Honda representative stating that for every two orders for motorcycles without ABS, they were getting eight orders for the same model with the ABS option. While the motorcycle in question was not really a sportsbike, the worldwide available Honda CBR1000RR definitely is and that's selling pretty well with ABS.
With most of the major manufacturers following Honda's juddering but arrow straight lead, it seemed a logical question to pose 'ABS brakes on sportsbikes. A good thing or not?'.

ABS Brakes on Sportsbikes? A Good Things or Not?

  •  No, they add too much weight
  •  Yes, they're obviously a good thing
  •  Yes, as long you can turn them off
  •  No, I prefer the feel of normal brakes
  •  No, I don't need them
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