A Honda CB300F - Cafe-Racer Retro Bike Coming?

Honda’s retro 300 TT Racer concept machine has been unveiled under the rader but is now attracting a lot of attention.

Like the Honda CX-02 ( which is powered by a twin cylinder 150cc engine), it was the work of one of Honda’s outlying R&D subsidiaries. In his case, it was the Thai arm that developed the motorcycle and revealed it at the Bangkok show in March last year. And like the Honda CX-02, it’s just been subjected to the full design patent treatment by Honda Japan.

However, unlike the Indian-designed Honda CX-02, the Honda 300 TT Racer is a long way from being road-ready. While the underpinnings are pure Honda CB300F, including the same single-cylinder engine and tubular steel frame, the bodywork lacks a lot of the parts that would be needed for a production machine.

As well as missing out on vital organs such as indicators and mirrors, its short tail would be illegal as it doesn’t extend beyond the tire, and the exhaust lacks a catalytic converter or much in terms of a silencer.

While that discounts a production future for the Honda 300 TT Racer in this state, Honda’s decision to patent the design suggests big bosses are taking it seriously enough to want to avoid copies. While the Cafe-Racer look of the concept is a step too far for production, elements like the fuel tank look eminently production-suitable.

Given the crace for retro machines at the moment, a naked 300cc single with old-school looks – there’s a hint of CB1100F to that fuel tank shape – could easily be marketed, with the potential to sell to convert it to cafe racer or scrambler styles.

So don’t expect to see the Honda 300 TT Racer in a showroom soon. But don’t be surprised if Honda does it anyway...

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