A Closer Look at the Motorcycle Gear-Lever

On the left-hand side of your motorcycle, the need for the gear lever to meet the foot at just the right position is very important because the device works in two directions. Your foot has to go smoothly under the lever to lift it and just as easily it has to flow over the top of it to shift down. Correct gear lever positioning can also be affected by the type of footwear you choose to ride in.

In a recent encounter I was asked to cut and weld the gear and brake levers to suit a rider who was unhappy with the position of the controls on their new mount. It was while watching the rider's action that the reason for their discomfort became obvious. The pair of new boots that had been purchased at the same time as the motorcycle had a rather large heel on them, which was restricting how far the rider's foot could be moved forward, therefore making the lever action uncomfortable. What price fashion? Is the footwear more important than the mechanical action? What would you change?

The point is that you must feel comfortable and I have seen many examples, usually on older motorcycles, where there has been a need to resort to the hacksaw and welder to achieve a reasonable lever action.
Servicing the foot controls on your motorcycle should require little more than lubrication once the lever actions have been set up. As the kilometers increases then you should take a closer look at the play in these systems, which develops as wear occurs, especially in the lubrication has been neglected in the past.

The condition of footpeg rubbers and the gear and brake lever rubber should also be looked at as part of your servicing schedule. When these rubbers wear they affect the way in which your foot meets the lever and how it reacts to the pressure of your feet.

To some this may not mean much, but there is no doubt that the motorcycles all have this sort of detail well and truly sorted.
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