New 500cc V-Twin Harley-Davidson Street for Asia

Rumors of a small new Harley Davidson have been doing the rounds for a few years now. If you're among the many who have heard these rumors, well, the rumors are no more. A representative of Harley Davidson who is in-charge of business in Asia has now told us about a new Harley-Davidson with a smaller engine in the works, which will be a special product for the Asian market.

In an semi-official statement by email our Harley-Davidson contact, who is located at the Harley-Davidson manufacturing plant in India has informed us that this new cruiser – targeted at 'young adults and new riders' – will now use a single-cylinder engine as said in so many rumors; instead it will likely employ a 500cc V-twin engine, much like you'd expect from an Harley-Davidson.

In typical Harley-Davidson fashion, we'll probably never know its output till somebody put it on a dyno, but it will be torquey, and Harley will be nice enough to tell us, soon enough, how many Newton-meters the new engine produce.
Also, since it'll be an entry-level Harley-Davidson Street, it'll be compact, and more importantly, it'll weigh a lot less than your dyed-in-the-wool Harley heavyweights, which should ensure it's not elephantine around corners. One thing we'd want from this new Harley-Davidson, no matter how basic it is in its approach, is lots of chrome, which is something that Harley isn't likely to disappoint us on.

Even though the Americans aren't exactly pleased about an 'un-American' Harley-Davidson, our contact at the Indian plant told us that the motorcycle will be exported to 'the right customer at the right time wherever in the world that customer happens to be'. Simply put, the new 500cc V-twin Harley-Davidson will be made in India, and then exported to any market that shows economic potential.

Our contact says that the bike 'looks great, sounds great and is authentic to Harley-Davidson's heritage'. The bike is very close to being a finished product.

P.S. Officially our contact did not informed us that it would be a 500cc, but an early promotional picture showed '500' threfore we assume it's a 500cc
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