5 Ways To Maintain Motorcycle

Taking care of your motorcycle, like most things, takes time and effort. However, with what you spent on the purchase, I’m sure you’d agree it’s worth it. Here are five ways to maintain your motorcycle for optimum performance.

Clean your motorcycle

Owners take pride in their investment, and it shows by the condition in which they keep their motorbike. A grimy bike will depreciate in value more quickly than a clean one. To keep your bike in pristine condition, consider investing in a degreaser, cleaning agent, and pressure washer. Industrial strength cleaning agents penetrate the grime and crud that accumulates after a long day on the trails.

In addition, you should wax your bike to give it a fresh factory look. Although the cleaning routine varies between individuals, the general process starts with placing the motorcycle on its kickstand so you can access the wheel rims, switchgear, and throttle linkages. Apply the cleaning agent to exposed areas and rub the bike down with a clean cloth. You should clean your bike regularly to keep your motorcycle looking new and functioning at max capacity.

Maintain the leather accessories

The leather on your motorbike will break down over time, so it’s important to maintain the leather accessories. Even if the metallic frame looks spotless, it does no good if the leather looks old and deteriorated. Before cleaning, vacuum the leather to remove the tiny pieces of dirt. If you skip this step, these tiny dirt particles will act as abrasive and scratch the leather. After vacuuming, use a cleaning agent specifically designed for leather. Don’t use alkaline agents or any acidic cleaners because they will strip your leather accessories of their suppleness. After using the agent, rinse the leather with water and a sponge. A leather conditioner can then be applied once the accessories are washed and completely dry. If the leather on your bike is starting to dry out from wear-and-tear, simply apply a very thin coat of petroleum jelly.

Preserve the motorcycle battery

Your motorcycle battery is easy to take care of and requires minimal maintenance. Whenever the starter begins to sound weak or the battery hasn't been used in a few weeks, it is imperative that you recharge the battery back to 100%. Instead of allowing the battery to lose its charge, you should invest in a motorcycle trickle charger to keep the battery fully charged. The electrolyte level should be checked every month and should only be topped up with deionized or distilled water. The terminals and battery connectors should be kept perfectly clean. Remove excess sulfation, sediment, or mossing. The battery should be tested with a voltmeter or hydrometer. If a replacement is necessary, a discount motorcycle battery can be purchased quickly online. By making your purchase online you can find the best deal, and often get free shipping.

Change aging parts

It’s important to change to spark plug on your machine every 10,000 miles. The specific mileage differs depending on the model of the bike, so read your owner’s manual for the best advice. It’s also essential to use the right type of spark plug. For example, an iridium spark plug is used for specific motorcycles.

Just like with a car, you must change the oil frequently. Neglecting to change the engine oil is a common mistake that causes irreversible damage to the engine. Often this damage isn't immediately noticeable and continues until the engine is unusable.

Check the tires

Last but not least; you should check the tire treads on your bike once a week. If you notice a significant difference in the way your bike handles, change the tires immediately. When the tread is completely worn, riding the bike is dangerous. In addition to this, under-inflated tires are susceptible to overheating.

So, I hope you’re convinced that maintaining your investment is worth the time and effort. If you take these pointers into consideration, you’ll enjoy riding your motorbike long into the future!
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