The 2016 Zero SR and DS Electric Motorcycles

The new Zero SR electric motorcycle takes the Zero into triple-digit performance numbers. Topping out at a claimed 165km/h and putting out a monstrous 144Nm of torque, Zero says the SR will do 0 to 100km/h in 3.3 seconds. High-end features for the Zero SR include Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires, Showa suspension, Advanced Bosch ABS, and a 320mm front disc rotor mounted to an aluminum alloy wheel.

Riders requiring a longer range can ass the Power Tank to the ZF13.0, bumping up the city range from 259 kilometers to 317 kilometers and the highway range from 98 kilometers to 193 kilometers.

The Zero DS has relatively long travel Showa suspension – 178mm front suspension travel and 179mm rear suspension travel – and Pirelli MT-60 tires, the Zero DS is ready to take on dirt and the street. 92Nm of torque mean it should easily climb any hill, as long as the traction is there.
A curb weight of 173 kilograms on the standard ZF9.8 version will discourage hard riding, and that weight goes up to 207 kilograms when you go to the maximum-range ZF13.0 + Power Tank option.

Most dual sporters will want the longer range the optional Power Tank offers, which is 288 kilometers per charge in the city, compared with 177 kilometers for the standard ZF9.8 version. It takes two hours to charge the ZF9.8 power pack to 98 percent, while the new higher capacity ZF13.0 power pack takes about three hours to charge.Tag: Zero-Motorcycles Zero Electric Vehicle EV Electric Bike SR DS Showa
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