The 2016 Suzuki SV650 - Now Available in Thailand

How can a motorcycle that has an introduction price of only 279,000 THB be this much fun and demonstrate this much aptitude? That's exactly what I was contemplating as I was exploring some roads around our big city.

Suzuki has sold worldwide a staggering 410,000 units of the Suzuki SV650 since its launch in 1999. The iconic Suzuki SV650 roadster has been a solid model worldwide in the naked-bike class since its inception, pleasing newcomers and the more experienced with no-nonsense thrills and nuclear-surviving reliability.

The Suzuki SV650 was once a no-brainer in a segment of its own, but now-a-day people have the option of Yamaha's MT-07, which edged into the top-five best-selling motorcycles worldwide of 2015. Suzuki's own admittance, Yamaha has done an exceptional job, so the Suzuki SV650 needed rejuvenation. Erring on the well-mannered side, Suzuki's switch to the SFV650 Gladius wasn't exactly a hit with consumers and was more perceived as an alternative for the Kawasaki ER6N. The concept for the 2016 Suzuki SV650 refresh was 'back to the origin' and Suzuki incessantly drilled the sporty aspect of the new model into our brains throughout the launch meeting.
Suzuki claims the 140 parts differ from the previous model, with 60 different parts in the engine, and 80 parts for the chassis. According to Suzuki, the V-twin layout is more expensive than Yamaha and Kawasaki's parallel effort – more complex with additional moving parts – but there are also more advantages. Euro4 compliance has, so far, meant upping the cubes or losing power, yet Suzuki didn't resort to either, adding a claimed extra 5 horsepower for the 2016 Suzuki SV650 model. Suzuki was also quick to highlight the SV650's additional superior stats over its rivals, declaring greater torque and fuel economy figures over the Kawasaki ER6N and Yamaha MT-07.

Chassis-wise, the Suzuki SV650 is virtually identical to the SFV650 Gladius, but the Suzuki SV650 weighs an impressive 8 kilograms less and looks far more appealing then the SFV650 curvy aesthetics. With the emphasis on headline figures during the presentation, it was the metal footpegs that did it for me – you can screw rubber ones. Other juicy upgrades now include a funky dash borrowed from the Suzuki GSX-S1000. Given its target demographic and slew of riders to accommodate, the seat height is identical to the Kawasaki ER6N (785mm) and the whole motorcycle feels much narrower than the SFV650.

There is a rel sense that you can grab it by the throat and boss things from the start, even if you seem you pretty far from the front wheel with a tranquil riding position.

The Suzuki SV650 is a motorcycle that is begging to be spanked and used, cranked and yanked into the feast of glorious bends constantly pushed. With the introduction price of 279,000 THB the SV650 place in the Thai big bike market, considering it's genuine sportsbike pedigree. There aren't much other motorcycles that provide the Suzuki SV650's sharp steering and front-end precision without compromising stability.Tag: Suzuki SV650 V-Twin 650cc Naked-Bike SFV650 Gladius Motor-Show Sporty ABS
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