The 2016 Honda CBR500R Upgraded Sportsbike

Honda is teasing online with the information that their 2016 Honda CBR500R will receive a comprehensive range of upgrades, that surely sounds promising.

The 2013 Honda CBR500R was designed to maximize 47 horsepower fun factor for beginners and more novice riders while at the same time being both attractive and affordable. Its top speed is limited to around 160 km/h – more than enough for Thai road use – but there's fun to be had in getting up to speed, and the Honda CBR500R's handling exceeds expectations. It's an engaging, fun, and satisfying motorcycle.

The upgrades for the 2016 Honda CBR500R include a complete new look based on a design theme of 'Aggressive Speed Shape', whatever that means. Sharp and edgy character lines flow from its new front face – featuring steeply-angled duel LED headlamps 'that have that trademark sporting-Honda look' through to the up-swept tail equipped with LED lighting.
The front suspension gets upgraded with adjustable preload. Also the fuel-tank is larger with hinged fuel cap (the old one just did not do it's job that well).

Honda also gives adjustable brake levers. And Honda's 'wave' style ignition key. A new shorter exhaust muffler for enhanced mass centralization, with internal structure tuned for a satisfying low, crisp exhaust note.

Of course Honda will also introduce some dynamic new color schemes for the 2016 Honda CBR500R. Tag: Honda CBR500R 2016 500cc Parallel-Twin Sportsbike
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