The 2016 Honda CBR250RR - Twin-Cylinder Sportsbike

A lot of people were a bit disappointed when Honda launched the Honda CBR250R back in 2010. We expected a motorcycle with more performance, the performance was somewhat fixed when Honda upgraded to the CBR300R. But the performance issue went never really away.

Honda will introduce for 2016 a light weight 250cc super sport. Honda would like us to believe this is just a concept, but we'll tell you it's a production-ready CBR250RR. Slap on the rear-view mirrors, insert projector lamps into those slit-like cavities up front, give it a red-white-blue paint job, and it's good to hit the road.

Keeping details under wraps for now, Honda has only left us with a rather intense press note, which reads 'Light Weight Super Sports Concept: Designed with the key phrase 'strong presence', this next-generation super sport concept model features a look possessing a sense of speed derived from its long nose and low crouching position.' Okay then.
In production guise, the Honda CBR250RR will be more of a track-oriented machine, and less of a tourer. Unlike the single-cylinder CBR300R sold in Thailand, the 2016 Honda CBR250RR will be equipped with a twin-cylinder engine. We expect the Honda CBR250RR to be sold in Southeast Asia and a few other markets only. For Europe, US and hopeful Thailand, we expect Honda to introduce a sub-350cc engine making around 45 horsepower. It should be named the Honda CBR300RR.

According to some Honda Asia insider, the twin-cylinder Honda CBR250RR / CBR3000RR will not replace the current single-cylinder Honda CBR300R. Therefore we can expect that the price of the CBR250RR / CBR300RR to be a good amount higher that the current CBR300R.Tag: Honda CBR300R CBR250RR CBR300RR Twin-Cylinder Sportsbike 250cc 300cc 350cc
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