The 2016 Alpinestars Apex Drystar Motorcycle Gloves

Hands are often the first body parts to hit the ground in the event of a crash or tip-over, so properly fitting gloves with ample protection are a must-have in any motorcyclist’s wardrobe. The problem with motorcycle gloves is that they’re usually tailored to one or two types or riding weather. Unlike many of today’s motorcycle jackets, riders simply can’t take liners out of their gloves and zip open vents to increase breathability.

Fortunately, Alpinestars has made several positive changes to their Apex Drystar Gloves for 2016. The prior model was praised for being high in quality and functionality at a low price. Alpinestars follows the same formula for the updated model, packing the gloves full of features while remaining budget friendly.

I have several pairs of gloves and gauntlets by Alpinestars, all sized in small to fit snug against my girly hands. The fingers run a tad too long, though not long enough to snag when reaching for the clutch and brake lever. The length also causes the touchscreen-compatible index finger to become more or less useless as it mushes against my phone like a soggy French fry.
In the 2016 model, I was pleasantly surprised with a bridge across the third and fourth finger, a feature Alpinestars usually uses on their higher-end sport gauntlets. This small patch of leather could save a couple of your fingers in a crash and Alpinestars was thoughtful to include it on this fairly inexpensive motorcycle glove.

The new Alpinestars Drystars performed as expected during rainy conditions, as my hands stayed warm and dry while foam padding on stress areas of the palms prevented cramping on long rides. Alpinestar decided to replace some glove parts of the old model’s leather with Polyamide, which I think makes it feel cooler.

It’s hard to find hard knuckle, high quality motorcycle gloves of this caliber for less than 4,000 THB. Whether they’ll be your main commuting gloves or back-up rain gloves...Tag: Alpinestars Drystar Gloves Gear Safety Protection Wet-Season Raining Polyamide Leather
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