2014 Unfaired New 1000cc Motorcycles

The Kawasaki Z1000 needs no introduction, so we jump straight to what's new for 2014. The Kawasaki street fighter gets the Sugomi theme, which in plain English, means badass. The headlight is a pair of serpent's eyes looking down your mortal soul.

Power comes from a 1043cc liquid-cooled in-line four that packs 140 horsepower and 111Nm torque. There's ABS, but traction control has been left out to keep performance raw – basically lots of power wheelies at a twist of the throttle, then. Kawasaki has confirmed that the motorcycle line-up in Thailand will be refreshed and pricing would be reevaluated.

The BMW S1000R, peel the fairing off the BMW S1000RR and what you get is the BMW S1000R. As the name suggests, this is a unfaired version of the liter-class sportsbike, down 30 horsepower and one less R. The 999cc engine now makes 158 horsepower and 112Nm of torque. BMW says the S1000R is meant for the street, this motorcycle tradestop-end power for low- and mid-end grunt.
The fairing may be gone on the BMW S1000R, but the asymmetrical headlight design stays. Apart from that, the unfaired BMW S1000R is an BMW S1000RR twin. BMW is prompt in getting this motorcycle to Thailand, and the BMW S10000R will go on sale here a few months after sales start in Europe.

The Ducati Monster was arguably the motorcycle that started the whole unfaired madness, and how, in its third generation, the Ducati Monster is soon available as the Monster 1200S. Ducati took the wraps off the Ducati Monster 1200S at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, and we liked what we saw.

While we wish the trellis frame didn't look as puny as it does, the engine is now part of the load-bearing chassis. There is a base Monster 1200 too, but who's interested in that?

The Ducati Monster 1200S has the same 1198cc engine as the base mode, but here, it's tuned to make 143 horsepower and 124Nm torque. Sure, with two cylinders less, and more torque than the German and Japanese rivals, the Ducati red stallion will prance at a twitch of the throttle. Yes, the Ducati Monster 1200S will also come to Thailand...
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