The 2014 Lifan LF250-P - 250cc Cruiser with Fuel Injection

Not so long ago Lifan biggest competitor announced that they will introduce a modern 250cc V-twin cruiser equipped with a electronic fuel injection system. And as we expected Lifan has introduced the LF250-P, which is designed following the same family lines as the LF250-B and it will also be sold with the familiar V250 logo.

Some small design features are different, for instance the exhaust system is now matt black with only the heat shields on the muffler being chrome only, also the Lifan LF250-P will be equipped with a new front and rear light. The speedo on the Lifan LF250-P we had the pleasure to look at had displayed both km/h and mph (but this is market dependable).

For riding geometric the Lifan LF250-P has the wheelbase as the previous model (1495mm), the performance is according to Lifan about the same as the model with carburetor. Our experience is that the throttle response is much quicker and with that the bike gives the impression to be much more powerful.

The combination of a modern electronic fuel injection and a low rpm engine often produce a very fuel efficient engine, the 250cc v-twin engine of the Lifan LF250-P is no exception. The fuel tank holds 12.5 liters of fuel and is capable of using E20 grade ethanol fuel. We still a bit skeptical about the 20% ethanol in E20 and if I had this motorcycle I would probably stick with gasohol 91 (a gasoline blend that contains a maximum of 10% ethanol).

For colors we only can say that it will be available in black, probably at the time of the official introduction more color options will be available. We also have no idea about the possible price, we expect it to be not much different that the current Lifan V250 cruiser. Warranty for the Lifan LF250-P will be 2-years.

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