The 2014 Honda CBR650F No Old Generation Parts

Despite what you maybe read on some gossip Internet forums, the Honda CBR650F is not a dumbed-down old-generation CBR engine with parts-bin chassis build and higher handlebars. The powerplant might use the same 67mm bore-diameter as the Honda CBR600RR, but that's about it; everything else – including the crankshaft, rods, pistons, cylinder head, cases, etc. - are different and aimed specifically at producing all-around usable power, not peak hair-on-fire speed.

The stroke for the Honda CBR650F was lengthened to 46mm, the Honda CBR600RR is 42,5mm, for better breathing at lower rpm, and the cylinder head parts are narrower for improved flow at non-five-digit engine speeds, with milder camshaft timing to further enhance lower-rpm flow. Transmission shafts are stacked like the CBR600RR, and even the airbox, intake funnels, and fuel-injection setup are optimized for the Honda CBR650F's intended scope.
The chassis of the Honda CBR650F is an oval-steel-tube diamond-shape frame that hangs the engine as a stressed member, with forged-molding swingarm pivot plates welded in that keep the midsection narrow. A 41mm conventional fork holds a unique wheel design that eliminates the need for a strengthened hub and disc carriers. Full-size 320mm petal-style discs and two-piston sliding calipers provide ample stopping power. Out back, a cast-aluminum swingarm is handled directly by a preload-adjustable single shock setup.

The Honda CBR650F is manufactured in Thailand in order to keep costs down and to avoid high import duties.
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