2014 BMW R1200R Retrobike Confirmed

Fans of the retro look can look forward to 2014 BMW's forthcoming R1200 retrobike, which BMW officials recently confirmed to us will be revealed later this year.

Little is known about this new retro BMW motorcycle beyond what can be gleaned from the concept drawing recently released by BMW – our sources aren't revealing any further details. Announcing the 'birth of a thrilling BMW bearing the genes from nine decades,' the drawing suggest an oilhead-powered retro-standard with what appears to be a round headlight, café racer bodywork, and spoke wheels.
Inspired by that drawing, French illustrator Nicholas Petit created the concept seen here for German BMW accessory specialist Wunderlich, to give a clearer idea of what this new model might look like.

It's uncertain whether this new BMW motorcycle will compete with or replace the current BMW R1200R Roadster. One thing is certain – this new model will be a sexier and more stylized machine that might appeal to a more fashion- or performance-oriented enthusiast than the conventional BMW Roadster, which should immediately make it more desirable.
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