The 2013 Victory Judge - Big V-Twin Cruiser

The trend to strip down a big American V-twin to the relatively bare bones of a blacked-out minimalist hot-rod-racer style motorcycle continues apace with the 2013 Victory Judge, the 1731cc V-twin Victory Judge, which is currently one of the top sellers in the American market.

The Victory Judge is built around the company's 1731cc, fuel-injected V-twin engine but what makes it distinct is the pared-down styling with blacked-out components, low handlebars and chunky touches like the shape of the fuel tank and the slightly oversized tires.

The Victory Judge will come in several paint options including gloss black, sunset red, and the bizarrely named suede nuclear sunset.

The frame, dual exhaust, cases and cylinder heads are blacked-out.

The drag-style handlebars and bodywork are all new for Victory, as is the styling of the tail-light, fender struts and new Electronic Fuel Injection covers between the cylinders.

The Victory Judge features five-spoke cast wheels and their 16-inch rims are shod with premium tires with raised white lettering.

The Victory Judge is suitable for shorter-legged riders too. The seat height comes in at just 658mm and has a narrow seat front so moving it around in a parking or garage should be easy enough.

A six-speed gearbox uses the top gear as an overdrive for cruising along and according to Victory the motorcycle's gearbox has a positive neutral finder – something that will turn out to be very handy for any stop/start riding through town.

There's a decent enough 17-liter fuel tank which should mean good amount of kilometer range from the new Victory Judge too.

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