The 2013 Triumph Rocket III - Rocket Torque

The Triumph Rocket III, it was already the biggest meanest and monstrous. However, Triumph thought that their enormous beast, the Rocket III Roadster, lacked something. So now the company has released a new Triumph Rocket III for this year, which is actually more powerful than the previous model and has even more torque to play around with.

The most notable change is the missing torque limiter that restricted the torque in the first three gears in the earlier model. Triumph have dumped this little limiter, which means that the full 221Nm of torque is now available right from the first gear.
Apart from dumping the torque limiter, Triumph have also updated the styling a bit, though the overall look of the 2013 Triumph Rocket III still remains pretty much the same.

Black is the new dominant color in the motorcycle with many elements like the engine, wheels, airbox cover and more donning the new black shade.
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