The 2013 Suzuki Nex - Exceptionally Fuel Efficient

Suzuki Nex the 113cc scooter that's stirring up a new wind in the ASEAN market. Suzuki Thailand has made a bold new entry into the ASEAN scooter market with the Suzuki Nex, a 113cc model that's generating excitement with a combination of high fuel economy (56km/l), low weight (87kg), compact size, high power, and an attractive price.

Demand for scooters is booming in ASEAN countries, Suzuki set out to expand its share of the growing market by developing an unbeatable new kind of 113cc scooter; one that's easy to ride for anyone in the family and great for urban commuting. To get ahead of the competition, Suzuki set the bar higher by designing the Suzuki Nex model to be exceptionally fuel-efficient, light, compact, powerful, and affordable. As a result, the Suzuki Nex is everything today's ASEAN scooter customers need.
The Suzuki Nex delivers an impressive 6.9kW of maximum power together with fuel economy. The 113cc engine is exceptionally efficient thanks to new designs that minimize intake and exhaust resistance, ensure superior cooling efficiency, and minimize friction and weight. A particularly impressive achievement is a piston that 8.8% lighter than that of an earlier Suzuki model with the same bore.

The chassis also reflects new advances: A low seat means anyone can get on and off easily; a front disc brake helps to produce plenty of stopping power; and a light frame helps to make the Suzuki Nex more than 2kg lighter than competing models – a huge benefit for handling and fuel economy. Plus, the Suzuki Nex has sleek, richly expressive styling that gives a sense of sportiness, nimbleness and quality.
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