The 2013 Shark Motorcycle Helmets Line-Up

Recently, Shark, the well-known French motorcycle helmet manufacturer, launched their latest line-up. The 2013 collection includes four new helmets, ranging from a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet to an everyday use open-face one.

The first in this line-up is the top-end Shark Race-R Pro Carbon, which supersedes the Shark RSR2 helmet that was launched last year. The Shark Race-R Pro makes use of carbon-fiber, which makes it very light. The final weight of the helmet stands at 1,250 grams. The aerodynamics have been improved along with overall safety.
Next in line is the 2013 Shark Vision-R GT Carbon, which is an upgrade of last year's Shark Visor R. This new lid has bamboo fiber interior (bamboo has excellent anti-bacterial properties) and Shark's air pump system for perfect fit. The use of materials like carbon/aramid in the Shark Visor-R GT Carbon has resulted in the helmet weighing just 1,390 grams.

Along with the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon and Shark Vision-R GT, Shark has also introduced two new motorcycle helmets that are equally good. These are called the Shark Nano and the Shark Raw and both are meant more for city use.
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