The 2013 Honda CBR400R Introduced in Tokyo

Finally, the motorcycle we talked about a month ago has been unveiled by Honda at an event in Tokyo, Japan. It may be recalled that last month we had reported that Honda had developed a new 400cc engine for markets like some Southeast Asian countries and Japan.

This is the very same engine that powers the new Honda CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X known in Thailand and the rest of the world, only the stroke length of the engine has been reduced to 56,6mm

The downsized engine featured in a new Honda CBR400R, shown at the special event in Tokyo, the Honda CBR400R is the motorcycle that Honda have specifically developed for countries where a 400cc has benefit over a bigger engine. Countries like Japan, Singapore and a few more...
Detailed specifications of the Honda CBR400R are yet unknown, but we reckon this new Honda CBR400R will produce about 38 to 40 horsepower and about 38 Nm of torque.

Along with the Honda CBR400R, two more motorcycles based on the Honda 400cc engine were also displayed at the event in Tokyo: a naked version called the CB400F, and a touring/adventure version called the CB400X. The line-up looks exactly like the Honda CBR500R, CB500F, and CB500X.

At the Tokyo event, Honda didn't released any price information. But it seems that the price is going to be the key factor for Honda and if they get it right, then they can kick-start yet another trend affordable big bikes in some niche markets. It's not expected that Honda will introduce the 400cc version in the Thai market, even they are manufactured here.
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