The 2013 BMW F800GS - Let The Adventure Begin

The 2013 BMW F800GS sees only a few updates, matter of fact the updates are limited to the gauges, controls, bodywork and the optional ABS is with the 2013 model a standard feature. The BMW F800GS is a really loaded with German Gelande/Strasse (GS) technology. With its 21-inch front wheel, spoked rims, a chain drive and 'robust' styling there's a bit more emphasis on off-road/all-terrain than the also new BMW F700GS, the F800GS is much more useful off-road.

The engine is essentially the same as on the previous F800GS putting out 85 horsepower, and the frame is still a steel tube cradle type. The overall weight of the 2013 BMW F800Gs went up a few kilograms, which is probably because of the now standard ABS. The motorcycle is still very stable and the upside-down front forks and fully adjustable progressive damping spring shock at the rear will help it cope with the odd jump and bumps.

For the 2013 BMW F800GS, they have introduced the often requested optional lowered suspension and seat-height, which should be a welcome option for riders in South-East Asia. Actually, with the new F800GS BMW gives the option to select four different seats, the choices are High, Low, Rallye, and Comfort. The standard seat-height is 880mm, the overall wheelbase is 1,578mm.

BMW claims that the liquid cooled, parallel-twin-cylinder, 798cc 4-stroke engine can propel the new F800GS to a maximum speed of well over 200km/h. According to BMW the F800GS well consume 3.8 liter fuel for 100 kilometers at a 90km/h, luckily BMW also gives a more realistic fuel consumption figure of 5.2 liter fuel for 100 kilometers at a speed of 120km/h. For fuel the minimum octane rating is now set at 95 RON; and an option is available to be able to also use 91 RON fuels.

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