The 2012 Triumph Street Triple - New Front Look

The 2012 Triumph Street Triple. Yes, hold on to your hats because Triumph has built a new one. The Triumph Street Triple has been surgically enhanced by the Hinckley designers and will be available at the local Triumph dealer very soon!

So what's changed. Well, for a start, the price hasn't. So that means the new 2012 Triumph Street Triple come in 'likely' at 690,000 THB and 720,000 THB for the R model. Another thing to not change is the engine as mechanically everything stays as it. The chassis stays the same, too. So what exactly has Triumph done? It's all in the styling, as the Triumph Street Triple follows the Speed Triple's lead and gets a new set of specs at the front.

The new headlights look even better on the Triumph Street Triple than they do on the Speed Triple. Yes, replacing the bug eyes of before was a controversial move, but we think it's paid off. The new model gets 'dechromed' with brushed steel headers, heel guards and silencers now appearing instead of the previously polished parts. The stock model also gets the aluminum handlebars as fitted to the R, while both motorcycles get a new set of instruments.
Aside from these changes, the only other news are new colors and graphics. So the new Triumph machines will be as dynamically brilliant as before but looking a whole lot funkier that what we've currently got. It there was one element letting the Triumph Street Triple series down then it was the slightly dowdy looks, but now that the fresh, new style should make the Triumph Street Triple impervious to attack from any angle.

Revamping any motorcycle is a delicate act, and on the face of it Triumph could be accused of not doing enough with this new version of the Street Triple. But seeing as the motorcycle is one of the most magnificent machines in the biking world – and that Triumph don't want any more money for the please – we can't see that there's anything to complain about.
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