The 2011 Honda Wave 125i, Quality and Reliable Bike

I was asked to test the latest Honda Wave 125i and what a ball I had. The average traffic light see 20-odd scooters take-up pole position at each set of lights in race-start fashion, ever throttle is pinned as the red light turns to green, releasing what sounds like a million bees gunning for the hive. Okay, so racing on a public road is illegal, but this is not racing it's called commuting to home and work on a daily base for most Thai's living in the busy metropolitan of Bangkok.

I'm pleased to say the 2011 Honda Wave 125i four-stroke 124.9cc engine fares well with it rapid pick-up, the only bummer being that not much changed since the last time we tested the Honda Wave 125i. The Honda Wave 125i with PGM-FI (fuel-injection) produces none of that wacky powerband you'd expect in the days that Honda Wave was equipped with a simple carburettor; rather, a smooth, predictable power delivery greets you then reliable propels you past 110km/h. Yep, motorway commutes are on. The Honda Wave 125i is stable at speed too, thanks also to the large wheel and centuries of development. Large wheels and well developed suspension cushions the rider from bumps excellently; good suspension proved useful in downtown Bangkok where the roads are not always of the best quality, and we didn't want to turn this test in a helmet review.
The dual piston caliper front disc and rear drum brake do a good job of slowing the light and agile Honda Wave 125i down. Of all motorcycles in Thailand the Honda Wave has one of the best brakes you can find in Thailand, Honda clearly has the riders safety at heart.

The overall build quality seems light-years ahead from the milk-bottle-cap materials used on some of cheap runarounds. The under seat storage space is not as impressive as you can find on some other scooter or motorcycle models but it's the overall durability and reliability that makes the Honda Wave the most sold motorcycle in Thailand.Tag: Honda Wave 125i 125cc PGM-FI Step-Thru Commuter
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Monday, 05 March 2012 @ 11:38 AM ICT
Could you pls let me know the price + shipping charge of this motorcycle to Maldives. my email is thank you