The 2011 Honda CBR150Ri - 150cc Sportsbike with Fuel-Injection

The machine for this morning is the Honda CBR150Ri, it is the quickest and most powerful motorcycle below 150cc currently available in Thailand. The Honda CBR150Ri is a ultra modern motorcycle manufactured in Thailand and it doesn't only look good, it also performs well. Needless to say, the Honda CBR150Ri is on the wish list of many youngsters now-a-day.

The Honda CBR150R has a long history in Thailand, and the latest 2011 model comes with brand new modern fairing and a perfectly working PGM-FI (fuel-injection). The first and the most important feature that matters a lot for customers going in for any Thai performance motorcycle today is its looks. Without a doubt, the little supersport lookalike offering from Honda easily walks away with the crown for being the best looking motorcycle in the below 150cc market.

With design lines inspired from its bigger sibling the Honda VFR1200F, the Honda CBR150Ri looks gracefully sexy and utterly beautiful, no matter which angle you look at it from. The new type headlamp with its fairing dominates the front. The full fairing flows in nicely, exposing the engine a bit on either side.
The ultra-modern exhaust system adds a sporty touch, though I personally think, the tail lamp could have been different. On the move or while parked on the side stand, the 2011 Honda CBR150Ri has the ability to turn heads like no other motorcycle in its class. Some probably customers however, wish the rear tire was wider, or the exhaust system was a bit less restricted...

For the riding the 2011 Honda CBR150Ri will happily teach noobs the art of cornering and at the same time, it will keep the experienced owner happy with its ability to make rider touch down his knees when the tarmac and road conditions allow. On the highway, the motorcycle excels with the only bother being the windblast hitting your chest until unless you crouch down indefinitely.
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James Howard

Monday, 10 October 2011 @ 10:24 AM ICT
I will be buying one of these bikes if, it comes with an English manual!

Can someone tell me it an English manual is available? I have been told in Nongkhai on 9th/10/11 an English Manual is not available.

Thanking you.