The 2010 Yamaha FZ8, the New Naked Yamaha

The Yamaha FZ8, finding the right mix of performance and comfort has been the goal of motorcyclists since the earliest steam powered bikes bumbled along cobblestone streets. The Yamaha YZF-R1's impeccable performance appealed to many but equally powerful was its ability to send shivers of pain up the arms of many prospective owners.

Yamaha's solution comes mid this month, with the official launch of the Yamaha FZ8, the Yamaha FZ8 will not be a competitor of the Yamaha YZF-R1 – the Yamaha FZ8 budget suspension and steel tube frame wouldn't allow that. The comparison fire burns within, for the engine Yamaha research and developers surely looked at the latest YZF-R1 engine.

The Yamaha FZ8 is a motorcycle with an good amount of torque, and enough horsepower to meet and rule the upper middleweight class. Yamaha FZ8's upright riding position is a sure confidence booster.
Anyone from the regular commuter rider to two-up touring couples will find use for the Yamaha FZ8. It would wheelie for days thanks to the enormously powerful engine and invented midrange grunt, or it will click off a couple of hundred kilometers discovering the unseen rural regions of Thailand.

As all people, with some inside information, agree that the Yamaha FZ8 big power, perfect middleweight road handling and supreme comfort will be its best traits. The new middleweight Yamaha will be perfect for carving up twisty roads, and would just be as happy as rolling off hundreds on touring the country. It could be the perfect bike, we will inform you in more details after Yamaha has officially launched the Yamaha FZ8 and the Fazer8.

More information regarding the Yamaha FZ8N launch in Thailand can be found here The 2012 Yamaha FZ8N - The New 800cc Yamaha Big Bike.
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