The 2010 Triumph Speed Triple, Three Times more Fun

The Triumph Speed Triple for two days around the greater Bangkok metropolitan, not because it is the best ever nakedbike built but I do believe it is one of the best all-rounders.

Not be as radical as some other nakedbikes nor as drop-dead gorgeous as some other European creations, but the Triumph Speed Triple styling is great, really muscular. On many Triumphs I find there's and 'it's not perfect but it will have to do' approach to the finish, but apart from the rather spindly-looking handlebar and without removing the tank and seat I'm happy to report this is definitely not the case on the Triumph Speed Triple.

Being a three cylinder you also get the best of both worlds from the engine with very usable low down power that's great for short shifting while riding twisty mountain roads in the north of Thailand. The other bonus is the nice spread of power allows you to cruise through town in tall gears without the lumpiness experienced on some other motorcycles in the same class, all the time that fantastic triple noise from the exhaust and some really pleasing burbling on the over-run.
It is a fact that it's impossible to ride big streetbikes for any length of time without popping the odd wheelie, and again the Triumph scores high as even I can haul the front up at will and keep it there. When it comes to braking almost all motorcycles in the same class have the same radially mounted caliper set-up, and as far as braking performance goes I really can tell that the brakes work pretty good.

When it come to handling, the Triumph Speed Triple is very stable both at low and high speed but being one of the heaviest naked-motorcycles, it is not very nimble when it comes to flicking from side to side or maneuvering through traffic.

In many ways, the Triumph is one of the best motorcycles you can buy in Thailand. Comfortable, great styling and most importantly it's got bags of character. You can really hustle the Triumph Speed Triple, this is a motorcycle that encourages the rider and makes the most of what they've got, rather than intimidating in any way.
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Sunday, 02 May 2010 @ 07:08 PM ICT
well, no doubt thats a good looking model. where can i get some more details?
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