The 1988 Honda CBR600F, Excellent Secondhand

The Honda CBR600F. 'What a great example of a great motorcycle' is a phrase I repeatedly muttered to myself every time I rode this used Honda CBR600F. It may well have done nearly 40,000 kilometers during the decade since it left the factory, but at time it wasn't that easy to tell it from new.

Clearly looked after well, and benefiting from an obviously robust finish, the Honda CBR600F's condition couldn't be described as anything other than excellent. But it was the 600's ride quality that was its most impressive feature.

I'm still amazed by the number of riders who turn their noses up at the idea of higher kilometer motorcycles; quite often anything with over 20,000 kilometers on the clock puts them off. If there was any motorcycle to dispel the theory that age and kilometers put a significant dent in performance, then this Honda is it. You could have 'clocked' the speedo to read just half its actual kilometers and it wouldn't have raised much suspicion.

I was a junior mechanic when the Honda CBR600F first came out, and I remember riding it before it landed in dealers' showrooms. It felt very good then, and this used one didn't seem too different. All the key components felt fresh, with the crisp and responsive engine's keen pace kept in check ably by suspension and brakes that seemed far from tired. I can't think of many who'd not think highly of the Honda, regardless of who they are or what they'd need to do with it. This model, the FX, epitomizes the CBR600 and all it once stood for. As one of the later versions of the F model before the arrival of the mode focused Honda CBR600RR version in 2003, it offered much more versatility. And that 'fitfor all purposes' theme is instantly evident on the Honda CBR600F. It took me just seconds to feel at home on it. Light, and with a lovely balanced feel, it's one of the least challenging machines ever made. I'm quite confident, if it was re-introduced tomorrow with a bit of a light modernizing makeover, it could still sell very well.
The Honda CBR600F has become a bit a modern day classic, it's famous for being the safe bet, the sensible all-rounder. Strictly speaking, there's never been a 600 sportbike made with those sorts of virtues since. Most manufacturers, including Honda now have a race-replica and a more modestly performing roadster to run alongside it. The Honda CBR600F had the lot, so didn't need backup from any other model.

Buyers clearly still hanker for the CBR600F as it's one of the worlds best-selling used motorcycles out there. IT's very easy to see why, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending it highly. As a used motorcycle especially for anyone looking for a great, good value introduction to bigger motorcycles. Even I, a man spoilt by the constant opportunity to sample the latest and greatest motorcycles in the world, would happily consider buying a used Honda CBR600F like this, it's that remarkable.
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