115cc Yamaha Fino a Smooth Ride

What can I say about the Yamaha Fino? Basically, I was never fond of riding a scooter. They never suited me. My introduction to biking was on a 250cc bike and thus looked upon lower capacity bikes with disregard, forget scooters. But in Thailand we ride all types of two-wheelers, they're efficient and most of the time more easy riding in downtown Bangkok.

I recently got the keys of my second long-termer in form of the Yamaha Fino Sport. What makes it special is that I got it the day my daughter was born. Hence the Yamaha Fino is very special and I hesitate in giving it to others even for a short while.

The Yamaha Fino surprised me as I rode it for the first time with its quick acceleration and I was taken aback at its quick throttle response. Whack the throttle open and the 115cc scooter zooms ahead with a definitive surge.
Using the Yamaha Fino has totally changed my perspective about scooters and I really enjoy riding it in the city for little errands as it is fast and zippy, easily maneuverable in tight traffic and also good for carrying small "shopping" loads.

Most importantly, the Yamaha Fino was a big help last month when I was shifting traveling a lot to the hospital, and I was able to carry almost everything on it without hassle (for the pregnant wife we did called a cab). Also its quick acceleration makes overtaking cars a breeze without the fear of being thrown off the road.

The brakes too complement well in times of need and the tyres provide ample grip. The ride quality is decent too with the telescopic forks doing duty up front and the single shock absorber at the rear. The best feature about the Yamaha Fino are its foldable rear-view mirrors which are a boon in tight parking slots and are basically completely useless.

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