1000cc or 600cc Sportsbike?

Which is better a 1000cc or a 600cc sportsbike? Three laps on the 1000cc and I wasn't so sure. Approaching the bends I'm braking earlier and struggling to scrub off speed. Getting the 1000cc bike thou from upright to full lean seems to take forever and a heap of effort. Coming out of the corner, I'm either running out of track from standing the bike up too early or not opening the throttle and getting overtaken by smaller bikes.

Striking the balance between the 1000cc and the 600cc is a battle between mind and machine. Get over your mind telling you a highside is coming if you so much as touch the throttle and you have to battle the machine as it wheelies and slides towards the grass. As a less experienced track rider I have enough to think about with lines, braking points and apexes without the constant worry of highsiding myself into the barriers.
After then minutes on the 600cc sportsbike I understood why people rave about them and why the 600cc classes at race meetings always produce entertaining racing. On the track you feel like an absolute hero on any bend. The sharp geometry and apparent absence of weight make pitching the bike over and hunting down an apex easier than finding somtam on Sukhumvit road. With a 600cc sportsbike you get to really enjoy using full throttle, getting fully tucked in on straights as you try and work every last horsepower out of the 600cc engine.

On the road where you're not pushing the limit, the 600's nimble chassis and revvy engine keep you entertained even without breaking a speed record. You can ride a 1000cc slowly (boring) or a 600 with excitement and you'll probably arrive at the same time, but one will result in a bigger smile which last the whole day...
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