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Saturday, November 01 2014 @ 01:28 PM ICT
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The 2015 Benelli BN251 - sporty 250cc naked-bike

Motorcycle NewsThe new Benelli BN251 which will be launched at the EICMA motorcycle show, plays tribute to the same motorcycles customers enjoyed in the past, by offering a lightweight sporty 250cc naked motorcycle at great value. Styled like its big brother range, it is the perfect entry level motorcycle, delivering excellent fuel economy, agile performance and easy to ride character.

Powering the Benelli BN251 is a liquid cooled single cylinder, 4-stroke DOHC Benelli engine developing 24.5 hp (18 kW) at 9000 rpm and 21 Nm (2,14 kgm) @ 7000 rpm.
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High-Visibility for Your Safety

Motorcycle PartsMost motorcycle garments have at least reflective piping, or thin strips of reflective material along seams. These light up and shine very brightly when light falls on them. The thing about reflection is to remember that most will shine in the direction the light is falling on them. So they must be positioned where a car/truck driver or other road user can see them, else they will not be as bright as you think. Similarly, keep an eye out for where the reflectives are.

I have a motorcycle jacket that has a reflective logo right at the base of the back where my trouser belt usually goes. On most sportsbikes, this logo is not visible at all and hence is useless. If the motorcycle jacket doesn't have reflective patches, you can do something about it.
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Buy a Motorcycle Jacket - How To

Motorcycle PartsMotorcycle jackets are a critical part of your riding gear. Boots are usually even more expensive, but most people buy the jacket right after they have purchased their helmet and gloves. We made a few points on how you buy a motorcycle jacket that will look good, be comfortable enough to use all the time and protect your skin when you unlucky enough to meet the tarmac...

Safety is the primary reason to wear a motorcycle jacket. It is meant to keep the blood and flesh inside the skin more than it is meant to protect you from the heat, cold or rain. So ideally, you want as much protection as possible. Think Iron Man. But the more bulky a jacket gets, the harder it becomes to live with because at some point you're going to have to take it off and cart it around or try to shove it into a bag.

So at it like this. Ninety nine percent of you are not going to use the jacket at outrageous speeds because you're riding on the street or the highway and not the racetrack. So you need a blend of reasonable protection and portability, in that order.
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The 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 ABS and Versys 650 ABS

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Kawasaki Versys 1000 with its 1043cc inline-four engine which is based off the Z1000 powers the new Versys 1000 ABS, featuring intake updates, new injectors and ignition coils plus new ignition timing. New rubber mounts quell vibration and a new slipper clutch reduce clutch effort.

The 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 ABS also gets 20mm longer, separate function forks. The subframe is stronger build for pillions and luggage and the latter is one of the focus areas for the updated Kawasaki Versys 1000 ABS. A center stand – this is a touring bike after all – is standard. And as you can see, the oddball look is gone and in its place, comes a strong sporty look that we cannot wait to see on the roads in Thailand.
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Indian Mahindra to Acquire Peugoet Motorcycles

Motorcycle NewsMahindra, an Indian based multinational automotive manufacturing corporation, has revealed it's plan to acquire and invest in Peugeot Motorcycles. The total investment will be around 28 million Euro, making Mahindra 51% owner of Peugeot motorcycles.

The French manufacturer has been making losses but has a good range of European-style scooters that Mahindra will leverage both by taking it to new markets as well as by adding technology and learning to their Indian range.

For most people outside India will probably never have heard from Mahindra, but the company is active in aerospace, truck and bus, cars, boats, military, power and solar, and farm equipment production. Also Mahindra is active in education, consulting, hotels and resorts, logistics and retail. They work together with companies like Renault, and are worldwide best know for the production of the Willys Jeeps.
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The Honda NM4 Vultus

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Honda NM4 Vultus is not meant for you and me. In fact it's not intended for conventional motorcyclists at all. Which explains why it's being paraded at SCIFI events like Comicon and across the pages of magazines like Wired. All of which, plus the fact that it is based on the rather uninspiring Honda NC750 platform, is styled like something from Batman's garage and costs 529,000 THB, should add up to a machine that's far too easy to mock and ridicule. Which it is. But honestly, the Honda NM4 Vultus is really rather good, too.

As is Honda's occasional wont, the Honda NM4 Vultus is a design study, an experiment, but one that's made it from concept stage to being a full-blown product model.

The intent, as Large Project Leader Keita Mijura told reporters, it 'to attract the attention of people who are not normally interested in motorcycles.' That's why it looks like it does and why it's being paraded around the non-motorcycling media.
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MotoGlo Safety Helmet Lights

Motorcycle PartsThe silly excuse – Sorry I Didn't See You – is often trotted out by motorists who hit motorcyclists, but what they really mean is – Sorry I Wasn't Looking Out For Your. Car drivers often seem to scan only for other tin tops, and therefore may not always notice those motorcycles on the road.

Moreover, stop lights on motorcycles are often mounted lower than on cars and may be overlooked by following traffic. So motorcyclists need all the help they can get.

And that's where the MotoGlo Helmet Safety Light by Whistler can help. The device consists of a series of LED lights attached to a semicircular band that adheres to most any type of motorcycle helmet. The red running lights of the MotoGlo device act like a high-stop light on a car, making the motorcyclist more visible.
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The Doctor Marks 250th Grand Prix in MotoGP with Perfect Phillip Island Performance

Motorcycle RacingMovistar Yamaha MotoGP’s Valentino Rossi raised the roof in Australia today, delivering a stunning race victory at Phillip Island for the Australian Grand Prix. Teammate Jorge Lorenzo claimed the second step of the rostrum as part of a full Yamaha podium with Bradley Smith in third.

The Doctor made a great start to his 250th Grand Prix race in MotoGP as he jumped two places to sixth on the opening laps. He fought off Dani Pedrosa as he continued to battle his way to the front of the field, passing Bradley Smith and Pol Espargarò for third place.

Starting from third on the grid Lorenzo was not shy in grabbing the hole shot into turn one. He initially led the race, before falling back behind rival Marc Marquez. Lorenzo pushed to the limit but was unable to match the race leader’s pace.

Meanwhile teammate Rossi gradually closed down the gap to reach the rear end of Lorenzo’s M1 on lap nine. What happened next was a flurry of activity. With 17 laps to go Rossi set a fastest lap of 1’29.605 and made his first overtaking move at the hairpin and then Lorenzo fought back and retook second place in the first corner of the following lap. Over the next seven laps the teammates continued to swap places, when suddenly race leader Marquez crashed out of the race on lap 18 and they were left fighting for first and second place.
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The Ducati Corse ST4 Strider Bike - No Fuel Required

Motorcycle NewsAfter some time, the Strider Balance Bike is finally also available for the children from Ducati lovers. Pass your love for two wheels on to the kid(s) in your family with a Ducati ST4 Strider balance bike, which uses a no-pedal design to teach balance, leaning, and steering.

The Ducati Strider bike builds confidence and eliminates fear by making it easy for kids to touch the ground, the company explains, plus you can get these lightweight, all-terrain bikes with other badges to match the ride in your garage.
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The Right Torque for Fasteners is not Only for Engines

Motorcycle PartsEvery fastener on your motorcycle has a recommended torque; you'll find the values for specific ones in the service manual, but you can spitball it based on the fastener's diameter. Use too little torque and the fastener can back out; too much, and it can break off or strip the threads in the hole.

Either way, you'll have to dust off that tap-and-die set. Good torque wrenches aren't cheap, but they pay for themselves quickly.

Torque wrenches range from the inexpensive beam-type to the pricier click-type and digital models probably top the price range. Beam-style torque wrenches are wonderfully rugged but are subject to viewing errors; click-types are as easy as it gets.

Buy one calibrated in both foot-pounds and Newton-meters. Make sure the torque range fits the jobs you need to do. 10 to 85 Newton-meters ought to cover most common tasks. Beware that torque wrenches are most accurate in the middle of their range, so choose a tool accordingly.
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