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Friday, 30 January 2015 @ 02:51 PM ICT
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The 2015 Suzuki V-Strom 650XT - Tweaked Dual-Purpose

Motorcycle NewsThe tweaked version of the hugely-popular Suzuki V-Strom 650XT is avalable at selected Suzuki Big Bike dealers right about now with some new bits and pieces added to take on the competition. And for 365,000 THB a Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT ABS is yours.

Suzuki's new V-Strom 650XT version of the motorcycle is, as you'd expect, based on the regular Suzuki V-Strom 650 which has been the worlds best-selling mid-capacity dual-purpose motorcycle over the last decade.

The Suzuki V-Strom XT version boasts lightweight DID wire spoke rims, designed to improve performance on unpaved roads, while a new beak takes design cues from the Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and iconic DR 650 and improves airflow to the radiator.
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Motorcycle Gloves - Very Important

Motorcycle PartsAfter a crash helmet, gloves are arguably the next important item of protective clothing. Most people's natural reaction to a tumble is the reach out with their hands to break the fall.

First things to recommend is buying two pairs of motorcycle gloves. It may seem extravagant, but remember you can only wear one pair at a time, so two pairs bought together will last as long as two pairs bought a year or so apart. The reason again for this is comfort.

We all know how horrible it is to put on a pair of wet gloves, so having a dry option – even if only for an hour or so – has got to be nicer. Secondly, if you can afford to include a pair of dry season and raining season gloves in your budget, then you'll really appreciate them on a hot sweaty day waiting for traffic light in downtown Bangkok. A good pair offer cooling mesh panels with no waterproof lining, yet don't compromise on protection either
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Akrapovic Exhausts for the Ducati Monster 1200 and 821

Motorcycle PartsThe traditional route for Ducati owners might normally be covered in the name 'Termignoni', but Akrapovic continue to muscle in with their beautifully crafted exhausts for the Ducati motorcycles.

The latest additions are exhaust systems and end-cans to suit the latest liquid-cooled Ducati Monster 1200 and 821, which boast some of the most ostentatious exhausts in motorcycling.

The pipework and sleeves are made from titanium and there's the option to keep or ditch the catalytic converter, and a removable baffle so you can choose whether to wake up the neighbors or leave them in peace. The exhaust for the Ducati Monster 1200 in particular is loud in standard trim, so a baffle-free exhaust could see you moving up the neighborhood watch list.
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The 2015 Kawasaki Z250 - Great Ride

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Kawasaki Z250 a small capacity twin-cylinder naked-motorcycle. The Kawasaki Z250 is not cheap (151,000 THB), if you compare it to some of the Chinese competitors. Kawasaki in Thailand seems to attract the kind of buyer who doesn't mind paying a little more for a quality motorcycle. But, does the Kawasaki Z250 have enough firepower to command a premium pricing?

The Kawasaki Z250 is, essentially, the Kawasaki Ninja 250 that was on sale a couple of years ago, minus most of the fairing. It doesn't take a genius to tell that the Kawasaki Z250's styling takes its cues from the bigger Kawasaki Z800, whose familiar visage is well-known and much-loved.

On the design front, considering the sheer good looks of the Z1000 and Z800, the Kawasaki Z250 had some living up to do. And, to do that, Kawasaki paid some extra attention to designing the Z250, with the fuel tank and edgy-looking Z-shape tank extensions that merge with the underbelly panel to hide the wiring and partly encase the engine.
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The 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 - Much Better Bike

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Kawasaki Vesys 1000 first appeared on the international motorcycle scene in 2011, built around a thoroughly road-going inline four engine, with a tarmac-focused 17inch front wheel and no off-road pretensions. But as it was a tall motorcycle with a vaguely off-roader-ish stilhouette, if found the adventure bike label pinned uncomfortably to its chest... only to be criticized as being unsuitable for the muddy stuff adventure bikes are supposed to do. Plus it was, I personally must say, a fairly ugly motorcycle.

Now the 2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 revision gives the motorcycle the same sharp, modern, pointy looks as the Kawasaki Versys 650. Beyond the plastic, the big change is to the suspension, as the old motorcycle had also been criticized for lacking front-end feel. The tubes of the 43mm-diameter forks are completely new and 20mm longer, with preload adjustment on one leg and rebound damping adjustment on the other.
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The Vee Rubber VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure Tire

Motorcycle NewsTire manufacturers are keen to respond to the growing adventure segment of the motorcycle industry. Vee Rubber's latest answer is the VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure Knob tire, which is a 40/60 street/dirt tire.

According to Vee Rubber, the Vee Rubber VRM-401 V-Grip Adventure tire will provide excellent performance on sand, gravel, and limited mud while maintaining traction on pavement with good tread life.
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2015 Ducati 1299 Panigale Peaks at 205 horsepower

Motorcycle NewsThe Ducati 1299 Panigale comes in standard and S version, both with a lighter new exhaust; the Ducati 1199 Panigale continues as a race homologation motorcycle.

Ducati's Panigale family of full-on sportsbikes has been joined by the Ducati 1299 Panigale and 1299S Panigale, which use a new 1295cc version of the 1199's V-twin engine.
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The 2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS

Motorcycle ReviewsWith the introduction of the Kawasaki Vulcan S, Kawasaki's Vulcan cruiser lineup had a more classic look for the most part, and in turn, were the only traditional models to do so. With the introduction of the Kawasaki Vulcan S, the cruiser family is beginning to delve into sport territory with the Kawasaki Vulcan S leading the charge.

But the Kawasaki Vulcan S is not all about sportiness; the major highlights for the Kawasaki Vulcan S are in the area of ergonomics, with Kawasaki placing extra emphasis on a tailored fit. The manufacturer boasts that it's the only motorcycle in its class to come with adjustable, forward-position footpegs as standard, which accommodates a broader scope of riders through three changeable positions, known as “forward”, “backward” and “normal”. This feature is categorized as Ergo-Fit, a line that includes a whole slew of optional Ergo-Fit add-ons.
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The MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 -Adventure Tourer

Motorcycle NewsMV Agusta's new Turismo Veloce 800, coming early next year, is the new MV Agusta lightweight 800cc triple-powered adventure tourer. It wears a 110 horsepower engine that gets a 15 percent mid-range boost compared to the MV Agusta Rivale and Brutale 800.

MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 will get a new electronic aid setup (called MVICS 2.0) as well as a 5 inch TFT screen to help manage the system, riding modes and more.
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Dainese Sold for 130 Million Euro

Motorcycle NewsMega-money deal sees Dainese brand sold. Aside from the massive sums of money involved in this deal, 130 million Euro as it was announced, the news seems to have caught the motorcycle world of guard. Dianese, the huge Italian company that's so closely associated with people such as Valentino Rossi, has sold its assets to the snappily named Investcorp group.

As with most things like this the details sound dull. Investcorp describes itself as a; 'Leading global provider and manager of alternative investment products.'

The deal was announced last month. Dainese's big boss, Lino Dainese agreed terms for the company at the 130 million Euro value and Lino will retain a minority stake in the business alongside Investcorp. The deal is also believed to include the AGV helmet brand.
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