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Friday, 27 May 2016 @ 03:18 PM ICT
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The Yamaha MT-10 - Officially Coming to Thailand

Motorcycle NewsThe all-new Yamaha MT-10 has been one of the biggest attractions at every motor show since it's unveiling in Milan at the EICMA motor show last year, but Yamaha have been keeping tight-lipped over the specifications and pricing of the new naked streetfighter.

While this latest addition to the firm's wildly popular MT range is essentially a YZR-R1 with the fairings ripped off and clip-ons replaced by a fat handlebar, history is littered with similar transformations that have fallen well short of expectation in terms of performance. The word 'retuned' is kryptonite when manufacturers take a visceral sportsbike and birth a naked from its loins – but Yamaha appear to have listened to what buyers really want, and there was a collective sigh of relief when they revealed the Yamaha MT-10's spec, which includes an impressive horsepower of 158.2 horses @ 11,500rpm.

With a kerb weight of 210 kilograms (around 190kg dry), and most of that weight carried low in the chassis, it should feel scalped sharp and super-responsive.
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Long-Term Storage for Two-Stroke Bikes

Modify & MaintenanceMost owners of old two-stroke motorcycles know that they're harder to store long-term compared with four-strokes because the engine internals are more exposed to the atmosphere. With some understanding of the engine you can with a single-cylinder turn it in the top-dead-center which will close the intake and exhaust ports.

With a two-stroke engine the crankshaft bearings are only being lubricated by the two-stroke oil in the fuel mixture when the engine is running and any moisture in the air will settle on cooler metal. A capful of oil down the bore may keep the piston and rings coated, but it won't touch those crankshaft bearings, and if there's a spot of corrosion on the faces that's about the most costly repair on any two-stroke engine.
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Honda Japanese Motorcycle Factory Shutdown

Motorcycle NewsAfter the Kumamoto earthquake in Japan Honda shut down its factory in the prefecture as a precaution for further tremors and to inspect for building damage. The Honda factory is responsible for the production of the Honda CBR1000R Fireblades, VFR1200 models and the Goldwing.

As a result of the temporarily closing of the Kumamoto factory Honda Thailand will for some models have some extended delivery times.

With the closure of the Kumamoto factory Honda is without it's prime products, which accounting for 250,000 units a year. This isn't the first time motorcycle production facilities have been affected by earthquakes in Japan, with problems caused by the 2011 earthquake and serious implications after the Kobe quake struck in 1995.
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The 2016 Honda Integra 750 - Strange Maxi-Scooter

Motorcycle ReviewsThe 2016 Honda Integra. It has essentially the same improvements as the new Honda NC750X. So it gets LED lights, new instruments, better suspension and a lighter, fruitier exhaust system. The biggest changes are to the DCT automatic gearbox, which now gets some built-in clutch slip and three levels within the sportier S mode.

It's more responsive and easier to engage with than before. With its 17 inch wheels and motorcycle suspension, it rides well and the brakes are fine. But who's it for? What does it do better than anything else? This is where it all gets fuzzy. There are maxi-scooters that are lighter and more enjoyable to ride.
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When Did You Checked The Regulator-Rectifier

Modify & MaintenanceIt's not a glamorous component, but you're stuck without it. Your motorcycle's regulator-rectifier turns alternating current (AC) produced by the charging system into direct current (DC) and also controls the charge going into the battery. That's vital because enough power at idle to run the engine and any accessories, which is about 20 volt AC, jumping to 100 volt AC when revved.

Any excess current is converted into heat, which is why a regulator-rectifier needs to be mounted in an exposed position to use airflow to keep it cool – and why it's kitted out with fins, as you can see in the picture. But that means it's also exposed to dirt and moisture and the block connectors can get grimy and increase resistance and heat.

If your motorcycle is a few years old it's worth checking the condition of those connectors as 80 percent of the time it's increased resistance there that starts to stress the regulator-rectifier itself. Cleaning them, then sealing them with non-water-based grease is good preventative maintenance.
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Create Waterproof Electrical Connections

Modify & MaintenanceMost times when your motorcycle is having problems or has quit running, the problem is traced back to a poor electrical connection. It takes time to trace where that problem is located and could have easily been fixed. Over the years I have seen all kinds of wires connected together using wire nuts and just twisted together with black tape wrapped around them. Many use crimp connector which works fine, but over time the wire can oxidize which will fail in time. Especially in a tropical climate like Thailand…

The soldering method, if done correctly, will be a permanent connection. It is not that hard to do, if you follow these steps for proper joining and soldering.

The tools and supplies needed, are easily found and cost little:
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The Touratech Aventuro Mod Adventure Helmet

Motorcycle PartsThe Touratech Aventuro Mod motorcycle helmet s an adventure helmet with the convenience of a flip-up helmet. Built with the help of German helmet manufacturer Schuberth, the Touratech Aventuro Mod uses the same basic structure as the Schuberth C3Pro but features numerous detail differences.

The Touratech Aventuro Mod shell is made of special glass fiber-reinforced plastic that combine high strength with low weight. As well as an anti-fog, distortion-free visor and a continuously adjustable sun visor, it has a washable Coolmax liner.

The peak has a memory function so when the chin section is flipped up, it remembers the position it was set to and then rebounds to the rider's chosen position when the helmet is closed. The large face opening means enduro goggles can be used, and there is even a goggle strap holder.
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Continental Innovative Ring Catalyst for more NOx Reduction

Motorcycle PartsContinental has chosen the 37th Vienna Motor Symposium to present an innovative emissions control solution for small size turbocharged engines. The introduction of more strict exhaust emissions legislation, which requires vehicles, to meet ever lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) levels at all rpm in the rev range. This poses new challenge by demanding efficient NOx reduction across a very broad spectrum of engine operating conditions, and not 'just' in the current test cycles.

However, the existing close-coupled catalytic converters of today offer little margin for any further improvements in lambda distribution.

In order to meet future exhaust emission legislation on NOx emissions, a 3-way catalytic converter must achieve a conversion rate close to 100%. That is only possible, if efficient NOx reduction is maintained uniformly in all operating situations. The innovative ring catalyst in combination with Continental's LS microstructured metal foil will be an important part in meeting the future emission requirements.
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The New 750cc Benelli Naked-Bike

Motorcycle NewsLast year at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Benelli surprised everybody with its new Leoncino scrambler and 500cc adventure bike – but it looks that they have a few more surprises for the motorcycling world.

Some leaked pictures from a forthcoming new model, with the code name BJ750GS reached us. Given that the Benelli TRK502 was developed under the code name BJ500GS, it's pretty clear that 750 refers to its engine capacity.

That's actually a surprise, since the engine is visually identical to the old three-cylinder unit featured in the Tornado, TNT and Tre-K, and that in previous versions has been available in 898cc and 1131cc versions. So 750cc suggests it's been either de-stroked or sleeved down significantly. It also means that the same basic motorcycle you see in the picture could just as easily be offered with either of the larger engine capacities.
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The Rider Aids on your Motorcycle

Motorcycle NewsAdvanced ABS, traction control, ride (power) modes, and even dynamically adjustable suspension are becoming commonplace. And like it or not, it may soon be impossible to buy a new motorcycle without at least some of these electronic rider aids.

As a lifelong rider of 'analog' motorcycles I was skeptical of the technology. I feared that all these gizmos would somehow neuter the raw essence of motorcycling and wondered whether these systems would be smart enough to decide exactly when and how much to intervene. And what happens when they break?

Having ridden several motorcycles with rider aids, I believe thee e-systems pose no threat to our way of life. They quietly monitor all manner of data, intervening only when needed and with minimal interruption. But a word of caution: Knowing these aids exist can fool you into a false sense of security.
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