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Sunday, 14 February 2016 @ 06:34 AM ICT
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Suspension On Your Second Hand Motorcycle

Motorcycle PartsOne thing that's never really thought about, when buying a second-hand motorcycle, is the state that the suspension could possibly be in. We're all guilty of it time and again – you buy a motorcycle and get used to it as it comes.

There's nothing wrong with that in itself, but the fact remains that refreshing its suspension could prove revelatory. Never mind the possibility that one of its previous owners could have given amazing opportunities, stock shocks on a great many motorcycles leave a lot to be desired. A few years ago we heard that one manufacturer paid just 600 THB per rear shock for a very popular sportsbike sold in Thailand. It performed well as new, but after only just a couple of years the shocks are nothing like when they where new.

Likewise, getting a new rear shock could be just the ticket for your trackdays, too. A more sophisticated action, extra adjustability and, of course, a big bling factor, could really pay dividends for you.
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BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Southeast Asia 2016

Motorcycle NewsWith just two weeks to the start of the fifth BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, the Southeast Asia 2016 edition, this GS Trophy is shaping up to be the biggest yet. Some 57 riders in 19 teams (three riders per team) representing 25 nations from around the world – together with 21 embedded journalists – will compete in a week of adventure riding, special tests and teamwork challenges. Starting February 28, it’s a week that will also be about experiencing life in the rain forests of the hilly ‘Golden Triangle’ region in Thailand´s Chiang Mai province, connecting with the natural world and celebrating the international brotherhood of adventure motorcycling that’s so closely associated to the BMW R 1200 GS.

Technical in Thailand.

This is the first time the GS Trophy has visited the Asian continent and so the event will engage an altogether different kind of terrain to that which has faced previous competitors. Past editions have typically featured long trails through wilderness or mountainous regions. This time, says chief organizer and route designer Tomm Wolf, the competitors can expect a slower pace but far more technical challenges.
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The Yamaha YZF-R3 - Excellent Machine

Motorcycle ReviewsIt's been a while since we last had some truly exciting motorcycles in our care. For quite some time now we've had to make do with smaller, frugal motorcycles developed for the masses. But not any longer. The future look quite promising with the Yamaha YZF-R3 entering our garage.

Initial impressions of the Yamaha YZF-R3 ticked the right boxes and I have been eager waiting, When it comes to Yamaha motorcycles there's one thing that's styling. Okay, feel free to ignore if you not like the Yamaha YZF-R3 design. But just look at the average Yamaha motorcycle – most models that are over five years old still look striking.

And so does the Yamaha YZF-R3. Yes, it looks like a bigger, blown-up YZF-R15 but then, that's what it is. Or at least, was supposed to be. However, apart from the sportbike silhouette there's very little that's similar between the two.
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BMW - MotoGP Not For Us

Motorcycle RacingThe boss of BMW Motorrad has said the company has not interest in competing in MotoGP, and places much more importance in BMW S1000RR racing.

Stephan Schaller oversees the entire BMW motorcycle division, and told the press he sees no point in BMW racing in MotoGP, confirming that there are currently no plans for the firm to take part in the series.

Rumors surrounding BMW entering MotoGP have been rumbling away for years, ever since the firm opted to quit WSB back in 2013. BMW Motorrad had spent millions developing the then brand-new BMW S1000RR into a racing machine, but were ultimately denied much in terms of significant racing success.
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The Benelli TNT899 - Original Naked Italian

Motorcycle ReviewsDid you know the Benelli TNT899 sports a design that's more than a decade old? Had we not shared this tiny bit of trivia with you, we're sure you wouldn't be able to tell its age by just looking at it. And look you will – it's a beautiful naked Italian motorcycle – but that's not the only thing that makes the Benelli TNT899 one of the most unique motorcycles we rode.

The more significant elements are the Benelli TNT899's mechanicals. Unlike the design, the TNT899's short-stroke engine isn't that old, neither is the well-balanced chassis, which is something you can tell the moment you take this beast out for a spin. The inline three-cylinder engine, one of the more powerful units we've tested lately, sounds like an angry Italian engaged in debate, and behaves like it's ready to go to war.

It's extremely tractable, and pulls strongly in just about any gear without making a fuss. Highway runs are a treat, and if getting there requires you to navigate through city traffic, the Benelli TNT899 is game for that, too.
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The New Honda Goldwing Chassis and Suspension

Motorcycle NewsOver the last yer Honda has filed a host of patents suggesting the next-generation Honda Goldwing will gain an unusual leading-link front suspension system, but recently we have seen a patent that shows an entirely new chassis designed to suit front link suspension.

While earlier patents around the suspension showed it fitted to a conventional-looking beam frame, this new patent reveals a radical two-part chassis that uses the monstrous flat-six engine as a key structural component.

The front section is bolted to the top of the engine and obviously designed with the radical front-end suspension system in mind, offering all the mounting points. The suspension itself is like a hybrid of a leading-link and a Hossack-style fork, with a lower wishbone that carries a single shock absorber and pivots at the frame end.
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Casey Stoner Impresses Ducati at Sepang Test

Motorcycle RacingCasey Stoner is back in the loving arms of the Ducati family and it is as if he had never been away.

After five years with Honda, Casey Stoner is back on a red bike and 'motivated to taking Ducati to new level' in a bid to return the team to MotoGP glory.

Casey Stoner want only one thing: to see Ducati add another MotoGP world title to back-up his 2007 crown and end the nightmare of a nine-year losing streak.

From the vibe surrounding Casey Stoner's return, it is clear the 30-year-old Australian is rejuvenated by his role. And all it took to convince Stoner he made the right decision to return to the Borgo Panigale squad was to feel the surge of Desmosedici power once again.
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The 2016 Victory Octane 1200 - Liquid-Cooled Cruiser

Motorcycle NewsThe styling and details of the all-new Victory Octane 1200 liquid-cooled cruiser were revealed and now Victory Motorcycles also released a teaser video that shows even a few more details.

The latest information we have from Victory Motorcycles is that the all-new 1200cc, liquid-cooled, V-Twin motorcycle will be called the Victory Octane and will be officially introduced to the world on 19 February.

What do we know about it? Well, the engine's bottom-end is based on the engine used in the new Indian Scout, but the design has been revamped with new cylinders and heads for far improved performance. It's a DOHC liquid-cooled engine, which Victory Motorcycles hopes will have 'class-leading' performance. Given that the class arguably includes the Ducati Diavel, that might be interpreted to mean it pumps out in excess of 119kW of torque, but even if its toned down to 89kW or so it will still be far ahead of the power made by most V-Twin cruisers.
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Suzuki - Turbo Would Be Everything

Motorcycle NewsThe 2013 turbocharged Suzuki Recursion concept motorcycle will become the template for a range of forced induction machines in the company's line-up – we could even see the first production model before the end of this year. But while it will be heavily influential, the concept Suzuki Recursion motorcycle won't become a production model.

Ever since its first unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2013, the Suzuki Recursion has been a hot topic. A constant stream of patents over the subsequent months and years revealed it was far more engineered than the average purely cosmetic, concept motorcycle. Details including its engine design and the layout of its turbocharging system and intercooler were all subject to patents, but despite that those are among the elements set to change before we see it in showrooms.

Suzuki insiders have said that while Suzuki see a turbocharged, twin-cylinder production motorcycle in the near future, it won't use the Suzuki Recursion's 588cc, SOHC engine design. Instead, the first forced induction Suzuki since the XN85 will use the new XE7 engine that was almost unnoticed on the Suzuki stand at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.
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The Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 Chain - Premium Quality

Motorcycle PartsThe Tsubaki Racing-Pro TX4 chain is the premium chain option from leading Japanese manufacturer Tsubaki. I bought it at the start of 2015 and was really shocked when I learned about the price 7,500 THB.

The plan was to use it for a season of three-to-six-hour-endurance races, under which it would be given a fair bit of stick. I was advised to buy two chains, just in case the original started to show signs of fatigue.
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