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Sunday, 30 August 2015 @ 03:51 AM ICT
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The Harley-Davidson Street 750 - Great Deal in Bangkok

Motorcycle NewsHarley-Davidson's entry-level Street 750 is for some time available in Thailand, but Harley-Davidson Thailand has introduced a mouth-watering special promotion of zero interest for 4 years.

The Harley-Davidson Street comes with a price tag of just 549,000 THB. New for 2016 are improved front and rear brakes with 300mm diameter brake discs at both ends. The brake calipers have larger 34mm pistons, and there is also a new aluminum front master cylinder and improved brake line quality too.

New clutch and brake levers have been added in line with Harley's Dark Custom styling, and there have also been improvements to the routing of the wiring loom to make it look neater.
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Bruce Belfer Buys Erik Buell Racing - Confirmed

Motorcycle NewsBruce Belfer, the New Jersey buyer of Erik Buell Racing's manufacturing operations, said his first order of business is to 'turn the key and get the business back up and running' after Erik Buell Racing closed its doors in April and filed for receivership to clear up debt problems.

Belfer said he wants to bring back the manufacturing and those employees who want to return, including keeping Erik Buell as president. Belfer will become CEO.

'There's not a single piece of machinery that I don't have or can't buy,' Belfer said of the purchase. 'EBR is people, skilled people, craftsmen and innovators. That's what I was buying. Everything else I can buy at the store.'
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Yamaha Endurance Celebrates Superb Victory at Oschersleben

Motorcycle RacingAfter a perfect win by the factory team in Suzuka a month ago, reigning World Champions GMT94 continue to show Yamaha YZF-R1's incredible pace with a stunning victory at the 18th edition of the German Speedweek. Monster Energy Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) was also on the pace and claimed a strong third place, making it a double podium for Yamaha.

As the clock hit twelve, 36 riders ran to their bikes across the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben's long straight and gunned their racing machines towards the first corner.

GMT94 Yamaha were second in the championship standings with a 29 point margin at the start of today's eight hour race and had one goal; win the race ahead of the championship leaders and stay in contention for this year's title.

David Checa had a slightly cautious start from third on the grid and slotted in behind the fellow Yamaha team Monster Energy Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART) bike, crossing the line for the first time in seventh place. He made the most of the nimble character of the Yamaha YZF-R1 and went on to take over the lead shortly before he came in for a quick stop. He handed over the bike to teammate Kenny Foray, who reentered the race in fifth and rode a strong stint before letting Mathieu Gines take over and put the GMT bike back in the lead.
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Honda Goldwing - Details of New Suspension Revealed

Motorcycle PartsHonda recently has filed a few detailed patents which reveal a clever front suspension system for possible future Honda Goldwing...

The complex but clever front suspension concept is designed to increase rigidity while improving control and comfort. Most importantly it eliminates changes in trail during suspension compression and is specifically aimed at the heavy Honda Goldwing which puts huge stresses through its forks.

As with conventional leading-link systems, there's a vertical structure running down from the steering head to the rear edge of the front wheel. This is connected to the handlebar, and when turned it moves a swingarm which runs from its bottom end to the hub of the front wheel. Where Honda's idea differs from similar designs is in the vertical element, which isn't held firmly in the steering head but mounted on a ball joint with a scissor mechanism to provide a steering linkage from the handlebar. The idea eliminates the need for a bulky steering head, however, it does mean an extra element is required to locate the vertical link and stop the whole front end from flopping about.
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The Airbox - Rarely Understood Part of your Motorcycle

Motorcycle PartsHacked about, chopped up and often simply discarded, the airbox is one of the least understood and also most under-appreciated assemblies on a motorcycle. It's right in the front line and ripe for attack usually involve butchery at best and disposal at worst.

At their most basic, airboxes are little more than somewhere to keep the air filter. But as motorcycle designs have evolved to deliver greater all-round efficiency through better performance, less noise and reduced emissions, the airbox has had an increasingly sophisticated role to play as an integral part of the air/fuel system and even to aid crankcase breathing. It's also still somewhere to keep the air filter.

The primary purpose of the airbox is to provide the fuel system with clean air in suffient quantity for the incoming charge. Engines don't like dirty air, so the filter element prevents the ingress of abrasive airborne particles.
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BMW's Carbon-Fiber Motorcycle Frame

Motorcycle PartsCarbon fiber chassis technology looks set to make the leap into the mainstream thanks to BMW's dedication to the wonder-material.

The BMW car making division currently leads the world in the technology needed to mass-produce structural carbon-fiber components, and having cracked the challenge of making structural carbon cheaply and quickly enough to be viable for the mainstream market, it's spreading the material across the rest of its range and looking at using it to replace steel and aluminum frames in its motorcycles.

New patents reveal two distinct carbon-fiber frame designs, complete with details of how they can be made quickly and at the lowest possible price.
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The 2015 Suzuki MotoGP Bike

Motorcycle RacingSuzuki in the MotoGP has a far better first half of the year than anyone expected. The chassis has proven to be very useable, and the team has sorted out the reliability of the engine while also releasing a higher tune.

If all the conditions are perfect, as they were in qualifying at Catalunya, the Suzuki MotoGP bike can excel, but there is a nagging doubt about outright performance.
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Custom Harley-Davidson Bikes at the Dealer

Motorcycle PartsMotorcycles are very personal machines. They are purpose built, for a single individual – the rider. A motorcycle says a lot about the person riding it. They are essentially an extension of the rider, a physical embodiment of who they are.

This is one of the primary reasons why Harley-Davidson motorcycles are popular. Harley-Davidson's are infinitely customization, and this is an extremely gratifying part of being a Harley-Davidson owner. A Harley-Davidson owner has no dearth of options when it comes to choosing how he wants to make his motorcycle unique. From simple changes like new seat and exhaust systems to complete overhauls, he can customize the motorcycle to represent who he is rather easily.
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Warokorn at Brno - Grand Prix of the Czech Republic

Motorcycle RacingThe Thai APHonda PTT The Pizza SAG Team rider started 26th but he managed to get in the 22th spot of the classification at the turn. After that great start, Warokorn lost some positions crossing the finish line at the end of the first lap 30th. Thitipong was in a group of 5 riders that tried to lead as his lap pace was faster than his direct rivals but every attack received its defense.

Although lap by lap, Tingnote had a 2’04 range, his rhythm at that moment was a 2’05, fact that didn’t allow him to get in the desired top 20. Finally, the Moto2 Thai had to resign himself with the 25th place and wait for Silverstone to have a new opportunity to reach the proposed goals.
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Tyga Performance - Aftermarket Bike Parts

Motorcycle PartsIf you are into two-stroke race replicas, the name Tyga Performance will be familiar. Based in the Sattathip district of Chonburi in Thailand, Tyga Performance was set up in 1998 by Brithish friends Paul Pearmain and Matt Patterson. From humble beginnings, Tyga Performance has gone on to become the go-to place for two-stroke race replicas parts.

'I first went to Thailand in 1993 to race motorcycles' explaions Matt. 'I raqced in Asia from 1993 to 1997, at which point I went to Japan to work as a mechanic for HARC-PRO, who are one of the top Japanese race teams. I learnt a lot about HRC and then returned to Thailand, which is when I started working with Paul.'
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