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Tuesday, July 29 2014 @ 11:36 AM ICT
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Thai Motorcycle Industry

Motorcycle NewsThe motorbike is the most important mode of transportation in Thailand. All across the country one can find motorbikes of every type being driven on paved streets and dirt roads. Almost every single Thai home has one to two motorbikes that are used by the entire family for either short-distance or long-distance commuting purposes. Running errands, going to work, heading to school, visiting relatives and friends, the motorbike is ubiquitous in Thailand today and it has great economic and social value. Motorbikes connect small villages to towns and towns to mid-sized cities; communities being linked to each other by a two-wheeled vehicle. A motorbike in Thailand not only serves as an indicator of status but also is a basic necessity.

The motorcycle industry established itself in the Kingdom of Thailand back in 1964. It was a small consumer market with potential and a promising production base. Fast forward to 2014 and there are four main players in the market, which include Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki. Even though there are not many companies in Thailand that manufacture and sell motorcycles, the competition amongst them is fierce. Indeed, the Thai motorcycle industry is in its maturity stage, thereby obligating Thailand's key players to use strong strategies to possess market share. Nowadays, the dominant force in this industry is Honda.
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The Yamaha YZF-R15 - Beating Competition

Motorcycle ReviewsWhile big bikes introduced in Thailand take all the attention we should not forget where the real money is made, the Honda CBR150R was for years Honda's major cash cow, and in the past Suzuki tried to tap into that success with the Suzuki Raider 150R. But the tension really started to get serious when Yamaha introduced the Yamaha YZF-15R a few years ago in India. Yamaha, after a very successful launch of the Yamaha YZF-R15, a fine tune was needed and with the second release called the Yamaha YZF-0R15 R2.0, in India, Yamaha figured it was ready to take on the Honda CBR150R at its home market (Thailand).

Nobody, even at Yamaha, will deny that the Yamaha YZF-R15 design was based with the Honda CBR150R as a starting point. If we compare the recently launched Yamaha YZF-R15 to the latest Honda CBR150R we simple have to agree that the Yamaha 150cc sportsbike has the better specifications.

Yamaha basically looked at anything that Honda did wrong and improved on it... But, most of this improvements on a very similar design is not that obvious for the average teenage sportsbike rider. You really need to push the Honda CBR150R and the Yamaha YZF-R15 to the limits to really appreciate the benefits of the Yamaha YZF-R15. The Yamaha has probably the better suspension when you're racing a track... The Honda is simply said more orientated to average road use...
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Jorge Lorenzo in 2015 Still at Yamaha?

Motorcycle RacingAs his manager is currently working on contracts for 2015, Jorge Lorenzo is keeping a positive outlook and is hoping to remain with Yamaha. Jorge Lorenzo has been a Yamaha rider since 2008 and has only ridden for them in the premier class.

His present contract ends at the end of the 2014 season. Lorenzo keeps positive when asked why there seems to be some hesitation for Yamaha to re up with the 2012 MotoGP champion.

Jorge Lorenzo admits that it is about the money. The rumor mill surrounding the MotoGP camp is a buzz as some are suspecting that Jorge Lorenzo is talking with another manufacturer possibly from Italy.
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The Stallion Mini Gio - 125cc Monkey Bike

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Stallion Mini Gio is tiny machine with a regular four-stroke 125cc engine. Of course, the engine is not that sophisticated it's just a two-valve, air-cooled engine fed by a carburetor producing around 10 horsepower. Mind you, the Stallion Mini Gio is just 66 kilogram.

Well, it's a monkey bike, isn't it, which you'll either love or not. The Stallion Mini Gio does come with extra bling, in the form of a high-level exhaust and alloy wheels. Riding the Stallion Mini Gio will certainly get you noticed.

The Stallion Mini Gio has not much space for a passenger, no helmet lock and not much of a instrument panel. It has a tiny rear rack for some luggage but with that size it's probably more for the show.
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The Ariel Ace - After 50-Years Waiting

Motorcycle NewsIt's been 50 years coming, but this is the all-new Ariel Ace motorcycle. It's quite some upgrade on the last motorcycle produced by Ariel, what was the Ariel Arrow back in 1965, but the company has made giant leaps in order to put this new motorcycle into production.

Ariel, a English company based in Somerset, where they also build the Atom sportscar, the Ariel Ace motorcycle is set to be rolling off the small production line at the rate of two or three a week. The Ariel Ace is powered by the 1237cc V4 engine from the Honda CFR1200 what's an excellent choice of power-plant. The Honda VFR1200 engine also means that the Ariel Ace's final drive is by shaft drive, also the swingarm and electronics are all integrated.

Ariel promise a top speed of 266km/h, although as the Ariel Ace is a naked-bike you probably won't ride it at that speed anyway..
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The Indian Motorcycle Story

Master BuildersIndian Motorcycle, with the financial and full knowledge support from Polaris, the Indian Motorcycle engineering team has designed and built a tree new motorcycles in just a few days short of 26 months, sharing a brand spanking new 1811cc V-twin engine, coincidentally the same displacement as the most expensive Harley-Davidson. And also, as you might expect, they made the new range of Indian Motorcycles complementary to rather than competitive with the existing Victory Motorcycle range, which is also owned by Polaris..

The main difference between the Victory Motorcycle and Indian Motorcycle range is that the Victory motorcycles are designed more as performance-oriented cruisers, while Indian motorcycles are the luxury long-distance offerings, though the two actually do crossover at the top end of each range on price and purpose.

So on the face of it, it was not a bad idea for Polaris to purchase Indian Motorcycle. Polaris already has expertise in designing a line of motorcycles from scratch, so doing the same thing again, albeit with a different take, should have been a relative easy job. And the fact it only took a bit over two years suggest as much...
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BMW Motorrad brings out first ever cornering ABS for supersports bike

Motorcycle NewsBMW Motorrad presented the BMW S1000RR in 2009 - not just its first supersports bike but also the first motorcycle of this type to be fitted with ABS. That same year saw the first racing victory by a supersports motorcycle with ABS at the 24-hour race in Barcelona.

Since the introduction of this Race ABS in 2009, BMW Motorrad has offered an ABS tailored specifically to the needs of supersports bikes, providing a significant increase in active braking safety in this segment, too. The function ABS Pro represents a consistent refinement of the Race ABS in that it now enables ABS-supported braking when cornering. ABS Pro is offered as a retrofittable option which can be acquired through BMW Motorrad dealerships and is initially reserved exclusively for the top supersports model in the BMW Motorrad product range, the BMW HP4.

The function was deliberately conceived for use on public roads, where unexpected dangers can always potentially lie in waiting. While the Race ABS in the BMW HP4 already provides a very high degree of safety when braking in a straight line, ABS Pro now goes a step further to offer increased safety when braking on bends as well. Here, ABS Pro prevents the wheels from blocking even when the brakes are applied quickly; this reduces abrupt changes in steering force on shock-braking manoeuvres and stops the motorcycle from rearing up unintentionally.
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2015 Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup registration period opening soon

Motorcycle RacingThe 2015 Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup application period will open soon and talented young riders are being invited to apply for selection, with candidates from Australia and New Zealand also eligible for participation for the second staging of the competition.

Potential entrants from Asia, Australia and New Zealand have from 1st August 2014 to 5th September 2014 to apply.

The Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup is an exciting youth development competition, which was launched for 2014, acting as a feeder series to the world of motorcycle racing. The 2015 project expands and aims to give riders from Asia, Australia and New Zealand a formal path into competitive road racing.

Run by Dorna, the organisers of the MotoGP™ World Championship and the eni FIM Superbike World Championship, as well as co-organizer of the MotoGP Red Bull Rookies Cup, the competition provides a spotlight for the most talented young riders in the region.
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MotoGP Honda at Germany One - Two

Motorcycle RacingUnbeaten Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC213V) and team-mate Dani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda RC213V) dominated a unique MotoGP race at Sachsenring this afternoon, scoring their third one-two result of the 2014 season.

Marquez’s win was his ninth from nine races, a remarkable achievement from the 21-year-old former Moto2 and 125 World Champion. So far, only two riders have won more than nine consecutive premier-class wins: Giacomo Agostini (MV Agusta), who won all ten races of the 1968 500 season, and Mick Doohan (Repsol Honda), who won ten successive victories in the 1997 500 World Championship.

Today’s race started in confusing conditions after a light rain shower moments before the start, with most riders choosing to start the warm-up lap on rain tires, then realizing that slicks would be better for the race. They therefore had to swap to their ‘dry bikes’ and then start the race from pit lane once the rest of the riders had sped past into the first turn. Only nine riders started from their assigned positions on the grid.
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The Garmin Zumo 390 Satellite Navigation for Motorcycles

Motorcycle PartsThe Garmin Zumo 390 is a GPS navigation made for motorcycles. This handy electronic map in a box has a 4.3-inch glove-friendly touch-screen that can be read even in direct sunlight. The Garmin Zumo 390 also has a few cool settings just for motorcyclists, such as a 'Twisty' winding road mode that will map out some sweet carving scenery roads instead of the boring old highway.

Also, the Garmin Zumo 390LM has a Lane Assist setting with junction view where a brightly colored arrow indicates the proper lane needed for you next turn or exit. The Garmin Zumo 390LM has another feature known as TracBack so you can navigate right back to where you started, along the same rout. Another feature is Exit Services that lists gas stations and restaurants for upcoming exits.

The Zumo 390 is of course Bluetooth enabled, so if you wear a headset it will feed you any and all directions. You can also tell the Zumo 390 to look for points of interest through the Zumo Bluetooth interface for a last-minute change of plans or a quick pit stop for food and fuel.
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