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Wednesday, September 17 2014 @ 12:29 PM ICT
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MotoGP - The Doctor Performs a Misano Miracle

Motorcycle RacingThe many thousand Valentino Rossi fans gathered at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli had their dreams come true today as their Movistar Yamaha MotoGP hero delivered a perfect race to take victory for the 'Gran Premio di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini'. Teammate Jorge Lorenzo came home in second to make it a perfect Yamaha one-two finish.

The Doctor made his intentions clear from the off with a flying start to move up from third to second into the first corner, tucked in behind teammate Lorenzo. An early attack by rival Marc Marquez was quickly dealt with and then with 25 laps to go he was able to pass Lorenzo to lead the race. Championship leader Marquez followed soon after and remained within half a second of Rossi until with 19 laps remaining he lost the front trying to keep up and crashed out, taking himself out of contention.

From that point the Doctor was unstoppable, building a gap of over two seconds to his chasing teammate, he held command of the race to the finish line to take his first race win since Assen last year, and Yamaha’s first MotoGP win of the season.
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Yamaha Sets Up For San Marino

Motorcycle RacingAfter a week of rest the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team has arrived at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the 'GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini' on Sunday the 14th of September.

Nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi is hungry for a good result at his home race, the track being just 20 minutes down the road from his home in Tavullia.

At the previous round in Silverstone, Rossi snatched his eighth podium finish of the season. This weekend he intends to add another top score to his list of successes at Misano. In previous years he has scored two premier class MotoGP victories in 2008 and 2009 and two further podiums, finishing third in 2010 and second in 2012.

Teammate Jorge Lorenzo impressed with his form in Silverstone, where he fought a hard battle with rival Marc Marquez and boosted his confidence. This weekend the four-time World Champion aims to add to his list of dazzling results in San Marino. Lorenzo has been on the podium every year since the track was added to the MotoGP calendar in 2007. What’s more, he’s maintained a MotoGP premier class winning streak at this circuit for the last three years and took three consecutive second-place finishes prior to that. He also claimed victory in the 250cc class in 2007, making him the most successful rider at the Misano circuit.
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KTM Returns to MotoGP Racing 2017

Motorcycle RacingRecently it has been revealed that KTM will make a return to MotoGP racing in 2017. The Austrian motorcycle manufacturer is already working on a new motorcycle – the KTM RC16 that will feature a 1000cc V4 engine.

KTM CEO Stefan Pierer said that the decision to return to MotoGP motorcycle racing was influenced by the fact they were bringing into production the KTM RC16 motorcycle.
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Hero MotoCorp Hires ex-BMW R&D

Motorcycle NewsHero MotoCorp, one of the leading Indian motorcycle manufacturers has appointed Markus Braunsperger to head its research and development operations. Markus Braunsperer is an ex-BMW motorrad R&D and a die-hard motorcycle racer.

Markus Braunsperger will report to Pawan Munpal starting in the first week of Octobber and take over all design and development.
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The 2014 Honda CBR650F No Old Generation Parts

Motorcycle ReviewsDespite what you maybe read on some gossip Internet forums, the Honda CBR650F is not a dumbed-down old-generation CBR engine with parts-bin chassis build and higher handlebars. The powerplant might use the same 67mm bore-diameter as the Honda CBR600RR, but that's about it; everything else – including the crankshaft, rods, pistons, cylinder head, cases, etc. - are different and aimed specifically at producing all-around usable power, not peak hair-on-fire speed.

The stroke for the Honda CBR650F was lengthened to 46mm, the Honda CBR600RR is 42,5mm, for better breathing at lower rpm, and the cylinder head parts are narrower for improved flow at non-five-digit engine speeds, with milder camshaft timing to further enhance lower-rpm flow. Transmission shafts are stacked like the CBR600RR, and even the airbox, intake funnels, and fuel-injection setup are optimized for the Honda CBR650F's intended scope.
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How to Choose an Exhaust System

Motorcycle PartsOne of the first things most riders do to a new motorcycle is modify the exhaust. Sometimes it's to get more noise, sometimes it's a fashion statement, sometimes it's to get more power, and occasionally it's all three. In the process of deciding what modifications to do, we are confronted with the choice of slip-on mufflers or a complete exhaust system. What is best?

'Best' is, of course, a pretty subjective term at best. One man's 'best' is another mans 'bad'! So how about if we stick to the facts and let you decide what's best to the facts and let you decide what's best for you? And since most sportsbike owners replace the exhaust system than any other motorcycle style, let's assume more power is your goal.

If you're on a tight budget, slip[-on mufflers might be your only choice because, by and large, this is the most economical route to take. This is not to say that slip-on are not an effective solution. Slip-on mufflers are designed to – you guessed it – slip on to stock header pipes, and they can make a substantial horsepower increase. It should be noted, that most motorcycle build after 2007 have catalytic converters in the header pipes. From an emissions standpoint, slip-on mufflers do not constitute tampering since you are not removing the catalytic converters. As far as the noise is concerned, should you decide to risk riding a motorcycle with modified exhaust on the street, a little discretion goes a long way toward not having problems with the law.
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The Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle PartsLightweight mesh motorcycle jackets are growing in popularity, but even those kit firms like Alpinestars who do make them tend not to offer much variety. The Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air jacket is the top-spec mesh motorcycle jacket from Alpinestars, at a price (around 10,000 THB) that doesn't sound like a lot of money for a range-topping jacket. And yet it feels so good you wouldn't be disappointed if you'd paid twice as much.

The Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air motorcycle jacket is a proper good-quality riding jacket, with all the features, you've come to expect from Alpinestars, plus mesh to make it cooler for the Thai tropical climate. It's got plenty of pockets, quality zips that are easy to use when wearing gloves, and the cleverly placed stretch panels are sporty cut make the fit spot on.

The armor in the shoulders and elbows is really comfortable too.
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The Motorcycle Boots - The Styles

Motorcycle PartsWhy do you need a motorcycle boot? You might think that the feet do little on the motorcycle apart from changing gears and operating the rear brake. But the truth is, if you're riding right, your feet are holding you to the motorcycle, creating stability and more. When you fall off the motorcycle, the boot has the unenviable job of protecting a vital, complex but fragile arrangement of joints and bones.

It goes about this in three ways. Impact protection saves your feet when impacting the road or whatever you are crashing into. Some kind of armor is needed to reduce the force that your foot has to deal with. Abrasion protection prevents the loss of skin and tissue that happens when your skin and flesh slide along the road at speed – some – things human bodies clearly aren't designed to do. The motorcycle boot must have materials that resist abrasion as well as closure systems that keep the motorcycle boot on your foot. Sneakers are singled out because even leather sneakers, which maybe give some abrasion protection, have problems staying on the foot meaning the overall abrasion protection is effectively zero.

Finally, there is hyperextension prevention. Hyperextension implies a joint being forced to move in a configuration it isn't designed to handle. Example could be your toes stuck under the motorcycle while you keel over backwards. Or an impact that forces your instep up so that it comes into contact with your skin. Both are unnatural movements that are sure to cause structural damage. Motorcycle boots feature a number of systems that are designed to prevent motion in the usual direction but not in other orientations. This can also make them uncomfortable for anything but riding a motorcycle...
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Honda's Cumulative Power Products Production in Thailand Reaches 25 Million Mark

Motorcycle NewsAsian Honda Motor Co., Ltd., the regional headquarters of Honda in Asia & Oceania, announced that Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a Honda motorcycle, power product, and component manufacturer in Thailand, today reached a cumulative production total of 25 million units of power products. In addition, Honda is planning to export a new backpack sprayer, the first power product model fully researched and developed by Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd., to customers worldwide this year.

Established in 1965 as Honda’s first production facility in Thailand, Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began producing power products in 1987. The company marked the milestone of cumulative production of 25 million units today, only two years after achieving the 20 million unit milestone in July 2012. A ceremony to commemorate the occasion was held at the plant, which is located in Bangkok.

Currently, Thai Honda produces a variety of high-quality power products such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters for customers in over 80 countries worldwide including Thailand, Japan, countries in Europe and North America, and elsewhere. Honda’s power products are used for a wide range of purposes such as agriculture, civil engineering, and for household needs and recreation. The most famous product is the small and lightweight GX engine series, which complies with CARB (California Air Resources Board) Tier III regulations, the most stringent emission regulation in the USA. Annual production capacity for power products is now approximately three million units.
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The Honda CB300F - Fun Without Fairing

Motorcycle NewsThe Honda CB300F is a naked-bike like the Honda CB500F but with the CBR300R engine. The engine used for the Honda CB300F is identical as the CBR300R it's no surprise that the performance is identical.

What has changed is that like the Honda CB500F, the handlebars are a bit taller for a more upright riding position and the neat and sharp styling is also inspired by the CB500F down to the new exhaust design.

The clever bit is that the loss of fairing brings a 4.5 kilograms weight saving that should make the horsepower and torque, and the CB300F's promise of a novice-friendly spread of power more juicy.
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