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Sunday, 26 April 2015 @ 08:14 AM ICT
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Star Trek Captain Kirk makes Motorcycles

Motorcycle NewsStar Trek actor and motorcycle fanatic William Shatner has started a company making steampunk motorcycles. 'Captain Kirk' will promote the Rivet Motors brand by riding his first custom three-wheeler machine along Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles later this year.

Steampunk is a design style that usually blends Art Deco futurist design with steam power, much like the contraptions from a Jules Verne novel. The Canadian actor has created the company in a joint venture with Illinois custom motorcycle company American Wrench after meeting one of its employees in a line waiting to get his autograph.

The first motorcycle, called Rivet One, was built from Shatner's challenging ideas including that the motorcycle should seat two and have a full canopy. Rivet One is powered by a V8 that could be a Corvette but it has not been confirmed.
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Drum Brake Maintenance for your Motorcycle

Motorcycle NewsDrum brakes were on the way out as the default method of stopping a motorcycle by the early '70s, certainly when it came to the front brakes on big sportsbikes. By the mid-'80s they'd fallen out of favor at the rear too.

However there are still plenty of motorcycles that rely on the once ubiquitous drum brake, especially at the rear wheel.

Some of their poor reputation compared to disc brakes can be attributed to the fact that they were often poorly maintained. Certainly for some time in the early days of disc brakes, drums often performed better next to stainless steel discs and non-sintered brake pads.

The reasons for poor maintenance are the usual ones. A drum brake's mechanism is largely out of sight and performance tends to go off gradually. It is also a lot easier to just drop an new set of pads in and change the fluid on a disc setup. There's no wrestling with reluctant brake shoe return springs and less filthy dust to deal with.

No more excuses – give your drum brakes what they deserve!
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The 2017 KTM Duke 390 - Chassis and Styling Update

Motorcycle NewsThe KTM Duke 390 get a update for 2017. Import documents revel that prototypes have already been send from Austria to India to allow for the production lines to be readied. Indian import paperwork reveals that two prototypes listed as 'motorcycle, 390 Duke MY17' and complete with details of the machines engine and frame numbers have been shipped to the country 'for R&D purposes.'

Given that the KTM Duke 390 is a motorcycle designed in Austria but built in India to keep costs down, the likelihood is that the revised machines have been sent there to help get the production facilities sorted out in time for large numbers of the motorcycles to be make by the end of 2016 when the 2017 model KTM Duke 390 is likely to be officially revealed.
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Casey Stoner Rejected to Replace Dani Pedrosa in MotoGP

Motorcycle RacingA recurrence of arm-pump problems left Dani Pedrosa on the sidelines after Qatar. Surgery will hopefully solve the problem bt until he can prove his fitness his career is hanging in the balance. When Casey Stoner made an offer to return to Repsol Honda it was AMAZINGLY rejected by HRC.

The Japanese bosses decided that after two years of pleading with Casey Stoner to return to MotoGP he wasn't ready to come back as a replacement rider.

It appeared Honda were unwilling to risk Casey Stoner looking off the pace and fighting for points rather than podiums. HRC test rider Hiro Aoyama was instread drafted in, and was promptly out-qualified by the Open Hondas in Auston. Surely the risk of seeing Casey Stoner in the lower reaches of the top 10 would have been a more acceptable risk.
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Motul E7 Insect Remover

Motorcycle PartsSick of heading out for a short ride, only to return home bug splattered and facing a lengthy motorcycle cleaning job or risking damage to your motorcycle's paint?

Motul have the answer with E7 Insect Remover. This spray on cleaner doesn't drip and dissolves organic grime in next-to-no time. Give it a few minutes to work and you can wipe off the mess with a soft microfiber lint-free cloth, plus it also works on bird droppings!
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2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 Engine Technology

Motorcycle PartsSome people asked us what's so new with the engine of the 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1. First the redesign started at the crossplane-crank engine that's been significantly lightened but also tweaked to provide the top-end performance that the previous-generation YZF-R1 lacked. The added performance begins at a 24-percent-larger airbox and air duct that runs through the steering pipe to pressurize the airbox similar to how air is fed through the Yamaha MotoGP bike.

The YCC-I variable intake system has been updated so that funnel length at high rpm is 20 percent shorter than before, plus Yamaha has straightened the injector spray angle so that fuel sprays to the back of the intake valve rather than toward the port walls for improved combustion. Intake and exhaust valves are larger, by 2mm and 1.5mm, respectively, placed at a narrower angle, and work through machined combustion chambers that are intended to increase compression ratio consistency from one cylinder to the next.

Bore and stroke jump from 78.0 x 52.2mm to 79.0 x 50.9mm, while compression ratio climbs from 12.7:1 to 13.0:1.
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Rossi Rules MotoGP‘s Argentine Adventure

Motorcycle RacingMovistar Yamaha MotoGP‘s Valentino Rossi ended his Argentine adventure in style today with a sensational victory in the Gran Premio de la República Argentina. Teammate Jorge Lorenzo started strongly as a key protagonist before dropping to finish in fifth.

Starting from a less than perfect eighth position on the grid, Rossi was immediately in the middle of the pack fighting for first corner position. Taking a lap to find his rhythm he then started his move up the field, taking first Danilo Petrucci and then Aleix Espargarò to move into sixth. With 20 laps to go his teammate Lorenzo was next as the Doctor continued his charge towards the front.

The next pack to be dispatched were Andrea Iannone, then Cal Crutchlow and finally Andrea Dovizioso to put the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider in second position. Rossi then had the seemingly impossible task of closing a gap of over four seconds to leading rider Marc Marquez.

The nine-time world champion then delivered a performance for the record books, putting the hammer down and cutting the lead lap by lap to reel Marquez in with just two laps remaining. A fast exchange of positions followed through turns two, three and four, with Rossi exiting turn five in the lead. In his rush to counter attack, Marquez then clipped Rossi‘s back wheel on the exit, crashing out of contention.
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The 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000 - Back to Perfect

Motorcycle NewsSuzuki will take a massive step forward with the 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000. 30-years after Suzuki established a new sportsbike standard with the now iconic GSX-R750, they look set to reach another milestone in the development of sportsbikes with their 2016 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Rumors from Japan have pointed to a new motorcycle being in development for some time, but some in the motorcycle press are now certain that key patent applications claiming to detail elements of Suzuki's GSX-RR MotoGP bike actually relate to what will become the Suzuki GSX-R1000 L7.

A decade has passed since Suzuki released the now legendary GSX-R1000 K5, which achieved an unprecedented balance between road and track ability. And all the rhetoric from the factory suggests that the firm is no less committed to this delicate balancing act today.
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The Honda CRF250 Rally Concept Made in Thailand

Motorcycle NewsRally-inspired Honda CRF250 special could hint at a future street-legal production motorcycle. This is the Honda CRF250 Rally, a concept motorcycle unveiled at the Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan. Based on the Honda CRF250L. It's styling is inspired by the Honda CRF450 Rally motorcycle.

The Honda CRF250 Rally has revised body work, with a substantial bash plate joining up with the fairing, a lighter exhaust, thicker saddle, taller screen, handguards and lever protectors, LED lights, and some pretty serious looking navigation hardware.
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Beware of Counterfeit Riding Gear and Motorcycle Parts

Motorcycle PartsWith 10% of global trade estimated to be in counterfeit goods, Intellectual Property crime – which includes counterfeit goods – is seriously big business.

Often found for sale online and at markets, criminals selling counterfeit goods are often aware of the consequences of their actions and for this reason purposefully try to stay under the radar and not raise suspicions of law enforcement or members of the public.

The internet is a major facilitator of IP crime – social media offers a great platform for showcasing the 'fake' goods on sale. Previously, the agencies focused on online auctions and websites, but recently there has been a significant shift to social media.

As well as the obvious fake goods such as alcohol, cigarettes and casual clothing proving popular for the counterfeiters, riding gear and motorcycle parts have been targeted by some trying to make quick cash. Whether it's a brand-new motorcycle helmet that you're buying online, or a riding jacket that you've found for a bargain price at a local market – beware, as it might not be what it claims.
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