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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 @ 05:47 PM ICT
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The BMW C650 Sport Maxi-Scooter

Motorcycle ReviewsThe BMW C650 Sport is one of two maxi-scooters from the German motorcycle manufacturer. With the other one being a ‘GT touring-oriented maxi-scooter, the BMW C650 Sport is very much a sporty and fun machine. From the looks to performance and electronics to handling, everything is geared towards pure riding enjoyment.

For a maxi-scooter, the BMW C650 Sport looks deceptively small and light. It’s not though: 250 kilograms and an overall length of over 2 meters make this a bit of a lump to manoeuvre around in tight traffic.

The BMW C650 Sport is powered by a 650cc, two-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine, pumping out a claimed 60 horsepower. And as you ride it, you can feel the power: the scooter accelerates enthusiastically and the CVT gearbox is very smooth. Best of all, the engine is brilliant at keeping the revs just right.
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Under Pressure - Crankcase Ventilation

Modify & MaintenancePiston rings never fully prevent combustion gases from escaping into the crankcase when an engine is running. Leakage happens even when the best cylinder finishing and highest quality piston rings are employed, inevitably getting worse over time, and the issue creates two distinct problems.

One, some amount of power is continually lost to this leakage. And two, the engine designer must find a way to minimize the buildup of blow-by in the crankcase, which creates both corrosive contamination of the oil supply as well as excess pressure that must not be allowed to blow out seals and gaskets.

There are two readily available methods to determine ring sealing: the simple ‘compression test’ and the more accurate ‘leak-down test.’ To perform a compression test, a pressure gauge is screwed into a spark plug hole, and while the throttle are held wide open so as not to restrict airflow, the engine is cranked over for several seconds until the gauge stops rising. Each cylinder is tested in turn and the pressures are compared to one another. We’d like to find them all within 10 percent of one another and close to the maximum pressure specified in the service manual.
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Yamaha SixONy - No More Blue Exhaust Pipes

Motorcycle PartsYou either love or hate it when your chrome motorcycle exhaust pipes go blue or rusty, but now Yamaha Motor has developed a nano-film coating technology that retains the sheen. Some riders like the bluing effect caused by excessive heat as they say it gives the motorcycle character. However, it can also lead to rust over time and limit the life of the exhaust pipes.

Last year, World Patent Marketing announced its patented Rid a Blue quick-cleaning product would take the bluing out of the pipe. It uses detergent oil, while diamond polish and an anti-oxidiser chemical to shorten the exhaust pipes’ cleaning process.

Yamaha Motor’s manufacturing technology center has been working on its anti-bluing project since 2002 and last year registered SixONy as the trademark name for the product. SixONy is a balance of oxygen and nitrogen molecules that is applied in a thin film only 20 to 150 nanometers thick, or 0.1mm. The highly heat- and corrosion-resistant ultra-thin film also reduces the weight of exhaust pipes by about 20 percent.
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Kymco and Kawasaki Expand Cooperation

Motorcycle NewsKymco and Kawasaki have already been working together to create Kawasaki’s first two scooters which are currently not being sold in Thailand – now Kawasaki is helping Kymco to produce big bikes. It seems that Kymco’s first big bike will be based on the Kawasaki ER-6n.

The Taiwanese firm’s motorcycle range currently tops out at 250cc with the Venox 250i cruiser. In comparison its scooters are far more advanced stretching all the way to the 700cc MyRoad.

We know that the new Kymco 650cc motorcycle will have the same engine and exhaust system as the Kawasaki ER-6n. From early design sketches we can see that the swingarm also seems identical to the ER-6n.
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30-Years ago the Last Push-Start Grand-Prix

Motorcycle Racing30-years ago on 24 August 1986 the Misano, San Marino Grand Prix made history worth to remember. It was the last premier-class Grand-Prix to feature a push start.

That was remarkable when you consider that some sidecar Grand-Prixs in the mid-1950s had clutch starts and an over-due safety improvement. Wayne Gardner had been hit on the grid at Monza in May 1986 when his Honda NSR500 was slow to fire and a rider flying through from the last row of the grid clipped his left leg. He sustained a knee injury that left him unable to run for a month, but fortunately nothing more serious.
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Kawasaki Vulcan S Retro Style Conversion Kit

Motorcycle NewsThere is apparently a growing demographic of riders desiring classic motorcycle designs from the ‘70s who often purchase replica or modification kits to convert their own machines to a retro style. The Kawasaki Vulcan S models are prime candidates for a limited edition conversion kit.

The standard 650cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin budget cruiser is manufactured in Thailand, and the rolling chassis with single 300mm front and 250mm rear disc brakes, alloy wheel design and chain final drive are perfect for a retro convert.

The Vulcan 70 convert kit is inspired by the success of ‘70s predecessors such as the Kawasaki H1 500 Mach III, the Vulcan 70 conversion kit was born. Nicola Martini designed and manufactures the kits to convert the standard Kawasaki Vulcan S into a Cafe Racer style without changing the existing technical characteristics.
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Blind Spot Alert Technology from Honda

Motorcycle NewsThe age of electronic rider assistance seems to be approaching at an ever-increasing rate, with the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Honda, applying for a blind spot alert patent.

BMW was the first motorcycle manufacturer to offer blind spot alert technology in two-wheel vehicles and Bosch is working on blind spot alerts for motorcycles and now Honda seems to be following suit.

The Japanese company has filed a patent for a system that uses cameras and radar to detect vehicles in the rider’s blind spot. It will have a visual display in the instruments or in a separate housing on the triple clamp that shows where the obstructed vehicle is an tactile warnings.
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Moving from a Scooter to a Motorcycle

Motorcycle ReviewsThere’s no denying scooters are great fun, but move to a motorcycle and there can be a whole different set of advantages. Our simple guide to help you move from small wheels and automatic CVT gear to big wheels and motorcycle power.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get on a motorcycle after riding a scooter is simply how different it is to get on. There’s no stepping through; you have to swing your leg up and over. This can influence the style of motorcycle you can ride. Big trail, off-road, adventure and enduro motorcycles may look cool and be able to have take me anywhere attitude, but if you don’t have long legs you’ll struggle to get on one – and even if you can get on, you’ll not feel comfortable if you can’t get a least one foot flat on the ground.

Luckily, many motorcycle manufacturers offer lowering kits and lowered seats which can help shorter riders gain access to a wider range of machines and not just off-road styled motorcycles. Another point to consider is that motorcycles frequently have narrower seats than scooters, which in turn makes it easier to get feet flat on the ground as your legs aren’t spread as wide.
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The 2016 Suzuki GSX-RR MotoGP Bike

Motorcycle RacingSuzuki for their return to the top fight of MotoGP motorcycle racing in 2015 after leaving at the end of 2011, Suzuki stayed true to their heritage with a 16-valve DOHC 1000cc inline four engine. It was variable valve timing and now boats a reported 240 horsepower.

But where most manufacturers in MotoGP racing have been chasing power, Suzuki have concentrated on getting a well-balanced, fine-handling motorcycle with an innovative chassis that provides flex while leant over but is stiff for braking.

After modest run of results in 2015 for Maverick Vinales and Aleix Espargaro, Vinales has had an impressive 2016, getting on the podium in France.
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2017 BMW F700GS and F800GS Updated

Motorcycle NewsThe BMW F700GS and F800GS are being revised for 2017, gaining ride-by-wire throttle control, a new exhaust to help them meet the latest exhaust emissions regulations, new paintwork, new instruments and – on the 800GS – the option of Enduro and Enduro Pro riding modes on top of the standard Rain and Road settings. There’s also a really neat new optional crash bar / bash plate combo.

The price of the BMW F700GS is 445,000 THB while the BMW F800GS will be sold for 530,000 THB. BMW Thailand also has a special financial campaign, with lower down payment percentage, for the BMW F-series models (F700GS, F800R, F800GT and F800GS).
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