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Thursday, 26 November 2015 @ 05:31 PM ICT
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2016 Last Time for Valentino Rossi?

Motorcycle RacingValentino Rossi is the king of reinvention having won on pretty much everything from 125, 250 and 500cc two-strokes to 800, 990 and 1000cc four-strokes. Now knocking on 37 years old he must reinvent himself one more time for what could be his last season.

Valentino Rossi has never been a fan of hi-tech electronics but the lower-tech Dorna electronics have taken him by surprise. 'At first you are angry because the motorcycle is more difficult to ride,' Valentino Rossi said. 'But for the racing this will be good because it will be a lot more difficult to always make the same lap time, so the battles will be better and more fun.

The new 2016 Dorna rules electronics are a big difference, like we jump into the past, to 2008 or 2009.'
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The Suzuki VanVan 125 Gets Bigger Brother

Motorcycle NewsThe Suzuki VanVan RV125 is one of the most attractive motorcycle models available in Thailand. But the biggest problem is that the engine is only 125cc and performance is not much better than the average step-thru motorcycle.

For 2016 the Suzuki VanVan gets a bigger brother, which is visually identical. The engine will get a 74cc capacity increase and it will remain a air-oil-cooled, fuel injected single-cylinder engine.

The rest of the bike remains essentially the same, with its chunky 'balloon' 130 and 180 section tires, tiny 6.5-liter fuel tank and low 770mm seat high.
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The BMW R NineT Scrambler Introduced

Motorcycle NewsThe new BMW R NineT Scrambler which combines the air/oil-cooled boxer twin used in the wildly successful BMW R NineT with Scrambler styling and fewer high-end parts to deliver a more affordable retro offering.

There's no surfboard hanging off the side of the motorcycle and no flowery paint-scheme like the Concept Path 22 prototype BMW showed at the Villa d'Este event a few months back.

The BMW R NineT Scrambler 1170cc air/oil-cooled boxer twin engine is lifted straight out of the existing R NinT model, which means the 110 horsepower peak power at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 119 Nm at 6,000 rpm remain unchanged.

The BMW R NineT Scrambler is the first of an anticipated four new models we will see appear in the coming years based around the R NineT platform.
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The 2016 Benelli Tornado Naked T - Fresh Compact Bike

Motorcycle NewsThe Benelli Tornado Naked T, available in 125cc or 135cc. The new Benelli Tornado Naked T 125 & 135 has been created to win the hearts of a user that demands the utmost from their equipment, whilst still providing an unparalleled, enjoyable experience.

Powering the Benelli Tornado Naked T is a single cylinder, 4 stroke, air cooled 4 valves, double spark, available in 125cc or 135 cc versions and offer a maximum fuel efficiency in all driving conditions. Power and torque data, for 125cc version, are respectively 11,7 Hp (8,6 kW) at 9000 rpm and 10Nm (1.0 kgm) at 7000 rpm.

Power and torque data, for 135cc version, are respectively 12,6 Hp (9,3 kW) at 9000 rpm and 10,8Nm (1.1 kgm) at 7000 rpm. Featuring 12-inch wheels with 120/70 and 130/70 tires, meaning great agility and stability on the road. The suspension system of the Benelli Tornado Naked T is entrusted to an upside-down front fork ø 41mm and to a rear swingarm with lateral shock absorber with spring pre-load adjustment.
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The Yamaha MWT-9 and Honda Neowing - Three-Wheelers

Motorcycle NewsAs if the Yamaha Tricity wasn't sufficient proof of Yamaha's commitment to three-wheelers, they unveiled a bigger, bolder version, based on the Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09. Dubbed the Yamaha MWT-9, Yamaha reckons it is a 'sport machine' that is capable of 'exceptional cornering performance' because of the extra front wheel. That wouldn't surprise us in the slightest, given what a rock-solid front end the little Yamaha Tricity has.

Yamaha stated that its leaning multiwheel (LMW) concept introduces a new type of category in the sport riding area. Called the 'Cornering Masters,' in house, the Yamaha MWT -9 uses twin front wheels for added cornering ability, and the optimized front suspension enables a high level of performance in turns. The rider will feel confident, even when carving through twisty roads with ever-changing road surfaces.
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The Benelli Leoncino - 500cc Scrambler Benelli

Motorcycle NewsWith over a centenary of heritage and inspiration to draw from, the new CentroStile Benelli has managed to re-imagine one of the Pesaro firms most beloved motorcycles, the 500cc Benelli Leoncino.

This all new design from CentroStile Benelli perfectly matches the motorcycles sharp forms with harmonious lines all while excluding the pure emotion that Benelli is famous for.

From the front fender, which proudly displays the Lion of Pesaro, on to the new front headlamp featuring cutting edge LED technology, then to the fuel tank and seat, all flowing and emphasizing the personality of this all new Leoncino.
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The Shark Evoline 3 - Excellent Flip-Front Helmet

Motorcycle PartsI sometimes sit on my motorcycle, dreaming of the perfect helmet to wear while riding. Let's see, I need an open face helmet so I can take photos without removing it. But I like a full face for inclement weather such as rain – and for excessive heat. If it's convertible from one to the other, that conversion should be quick and easy. The helmet should be comfortable to put on, take off and wear – especially with specs. Off course it should be safe with universally accepted test identificaton, and quiet. Last but certainly not least it should look good and stay that way for a while.

Enter the Shark Evoline 3 motorcycle helmet. I was heading off to Chiang Rai from Bangkok and another rider suggested I give the Shark Evoline 3 a try. It would, he reckoned, meet all of my requirements.

I put the helmet through what I can only describe as a intense test, we admittedly didn't have any real cold and not any serious amount of rain, but we did have the kind of heat that really tests a helmet.
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The Honda MSX125 as 180cc Pocket Rocket

Modify & MaintenanceThe Honda MSX125 is a very popular motorcycle in Thailand, one of our mechanics even bought one for home – work transport. The Honda MSX125 is equipped with the same engine you find in the Honda Wave 125i, and as you probably can imagine that engine is not known for high performance.

For Honda MSX125 owners you can buy a wide range of performance enhancing parts, which offer an even wider range of increased performance. Not so long ago we where contacted by Kitaco Japan, so we asked them what they had for solution to give the Honda MSX125 some extra grunt. The Japanese company responded with a 181cc big bore kit that included everything you need to upgrade the engine. The Kitaco 181cc big bore kit also included a oil cooler, Type 2 performance camshaft and a fueling modifier.

The Kitaco 181cc big bore cylinder is plain aluminum, and really stands out from the engine if fitted like that. We decided to spray-paint the cylinder with in the traditional black color. After we fitted all parts, we realized that the Kitaco 181cc big bore kit needed a much less restricted exhaust pipe. Luckily we where able to obtain a Ixil 615BB Full exhaust system from a local dealer for 4500 THB.
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Kawasaki vs Suzuki the Quest for Performance

Motorcycle NewsExactly 10 years ago at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show Kawasaki pulled the covers off the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. It was the most powerful sportsbike the Japanese firm had ever made, but more importantly, it had a larger capacity, less weight and a higher output than the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa which was the market leader.

Fast forward eight years to the 2013 Tokyoa Motor Show and it was still very much about output performance, but with the world becoming more environmentally conscious, it was about getting the most out of the least. Suzuki made headlines when it unveiled its Recursion concept motorcycle powered by a 588cc parallel-twin turbo-charged engine, but Kawasaki stole the show with the unveiling of an inline-four supercharged engine.
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The Suzuki 600cc Turbo Engine Confirmed

Motorcycle NewsAt the Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki revealed a handful of concept and 2016 models. One on the show was a turbocharged engine one display for a motorcycle.

The sum total of the information divulged in Tokyo about the new turbo engine was ‘turbo engine for motorcycles’ – and not a word more. And Suzuki is remaining tight-lipped about which motorcycle this all-new turbo motorcycle engine might make its debut in.

Despite their prolific showing of the Suzuki Recursion concept over the last two years, Suzuki insist that building the 588cc parallel-twin turbocharged sportbike is not one the ‘to do’ list. Maybe they meant it, too.

One of the most striking things about the new engine is that it bears absolutely no resemblance to the one fitted to the Suzuki Recursion concept motorcycle, with new crankcases, cylinder heads, turbocharger, airbox – replete with heat exchanger – and throttle bodies.
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