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Wednesday, April 23 2014 @ 03:53 PM ICT
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Alternative Replacement Fairing for Sportbikes

Motorcycle PartsIf you've ever crashed your motorcycle or purchased a damaged motorcycle that 'just needed fairings,' then you've probably already visited your local dealer and price-checked new cowlings. Then shed a tear. Although high in quality, original equipment fairing for a sportbike are very costly. And the same goes for fiberglass race bodywork, which is a bit less expensive but still needs to be pre-mounted, drilled, prepped, and painted.

An affordable alternative to these options is replacements fairings form a company such as Nice Cycle, an aftermarket fairing provider that has aftermarket fairings for almost all sportbikes, and they ship to Thailand.

The ABS plastic cowlings from Nice Cycle go beyond an affordable alternative. They use the same materials and same mounting points as the OEM fairings, plus all of the mounting points are reinforced. An added bonus is that the Nice Cycle bodywork is injection molded (rather than compression molded) for a more consistent fit through a production run.
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The New Touratech Tent Bag

Motorcycle PartsSome of you, who are probably more serious about adventure riding know about Touratech tents, now Touratech has introduced the Touratech tent bag. Now, Touratech tents include a packsack but this is a real benefit to a touring motorcyclist because this is a very durable (and handier) bag than one which you'd get with the average tent – so Touratech will include it in the prize bundle.

The tent bag opens to a full 28cm wide so it's very easy to pack a wet tent into it quickly – and you don't have to cram everything into the bag in order to fit a whole wad of kit in there.
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The Yamaha MT-09 What's So Special?

Motorcycle PartsIf we look around on the Internet we can find many stories about the new Yamaha triple-cylinder engine that powers the 2014 Yamaha MT-09 motorcycle. Some of this stories are pretty good and some are not really based on any truth. So what configuration did Yamaha select for the 2014 Yamaha MT-03 triple-cylinder engine?

First, each cylinder in a four-stroke engine can be fired in one of two ways, depending on which downward stroke of the 720-degree cycle is used as the intake stroke that begins the cycle for that cylinder. In any engine with a given configuration, this gives the number of possible firing order as 2n, where n is the number of cylinders.

As you found, this gives eight combinations for a three-cylinder engine with evenly spaced crank throws. However, half of those combinations are duplicates with the entire order 360 degrees - one full revolution - out of phase.
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Yamaha Continue Partnership with TOYOTA Racing Through 2014

Motorcycle NewsYamaha Motor Europe (YME) will continue as an Official Supplier of TOYOTA Racing for the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship. As part of the collaboration, YME will stimulate TOYOTA Racings team mobility by providing Yamaha EC-03 electric (2-wheeler) units for the rounds of Silverstone, Spa and Le Mans.

YME began providing TOYOTA Racing with Yamaha EC-03 electric vehicles at the start of the team's participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2012. The season resulted in an impressive three wins from six races, TOYOTA Racing receiving the Team Rookie of the Year Award from the FIA, and ultimately being named as the best new WEC team of 2012. The 2013 season also featured several highlights. TOYOTA Racing scored multiple podiums and ended the season on a high with a victory at the final round in Bahrain.

The Yamaha EC-03 electric scooter is Yamaha's solution to pollution, noise, and high costs in petrol, making the vehicle ideal for short-distance, urban travel. The pure electric vehicle has zero emissions and can charge from any common wall socket through the use of a cable that can be found underneath the seat. The Yamaha EC-03 is also equipped with a silent operation feature, but this does not mean it suffers in power: this environmentally friendly vehicle comes with a switch that allows riders to enhance the performance capabilities by changing from the Standard mode to the Power mode all with the press of a button on the digital screen.
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The 2014 Suzuki VanVan 125 - Retro Look Quirky Coolness

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Suzuki VanVan 125 or RV125 is an retro-styled on-/off-road motorcycle with chunky tires, capable of cruising busy city roads and still capable or ride rough terrain, or even soft sand beaches. The first look, design-wise, the Suzuki VanVan 125 evokes minimalism – a simple round headlamp, a dated-looking fuel tank, flat seat, simple luggage rack behind the seat, and a high-mounted exhaust reminiscent of a '70s dirt-bike. No doubt, this looks isn't going o win best-of-show, but there is a sort of a quirky-coolness about the Suzuki VanVan 125. You either love it or hate it, but you can't ignore it.

The Suzuki VanVan 125 as we see it today was in the mid '70s developed, and reintroduced in the Japanese market in 2003. Currently the 2014 Suzuki VanVan 125 is equipped with a state of the art electronic fuel injection system and all the modern goodies. The 125cc engine together with the 6-speed gearbox and excellent fueling gives the Suzuki VanVan 125 performance you would not expect from a 125cc engine.
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Motorcycles and Oil Leaking

Modify & MaintenanceHow irritating are oil leaks? Even a small oil leak can be disproportionately annoying. Motorcycles can and will leak oil; it's often what some of them do best. In an ideal world it wouldn't happen but age, wear and tear, overuse, inactivity and abuse often take their collective toll. Some motorcycles leak oil because of inherent design faults, poor quality components or insufficient gasket faces but in general the vast majority of the modern motorcycles available in Thailand don't tend to fall into this category.

If we talking about motorcycles that are famous for leaking oil we often directly refer to British, German and Indian made motorcycles, and for the budget motorcycle most Thai motorcyclists have not much good to say about Chinese motorcycles if it comes to oil leaking... Japanese motorcycles, despite what you might hear and read elsewhere, can and does leak oil...

The good news is that generally the fixes are relatively simple and straightforward. The supply of parts for even older motorcycles is surprisingly good and we found it simple and easy to obtain a seal for every leak we ever identified.
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Schwantz Joins Suzuki MotoGP at Austin Test

Motorcycle RacingSuzuki’s former World 500cc GP Champion Kevin Schwantz joined the Suzuki MotoGP Test Team for its test at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas this week.

The 1993 World Champion, who last raced a MotoGP machine in 2006, completed 11 laps of the 5,513m circuit with a best lap-time of 2’12.75.

Schwantz, who also tested the Yoshimura Suzuki Superbike team’s GSX-R1000s, said: “I went on the MotoGP machine after riding the GSX-R1000 Superbike and it felt like going from a 500cc to a 250cc bike; the MotoGP machine is so small and compact! The bike turns, accelerates, goes fast; it does everything and I had fun and really enjoyed it.

“With this bike you have power and braking so you brake and accelerate and the bike does all the rest. I think Suzuki should race now - the sooner the better! You can test a lot but in the race you really understand.
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The Givi EA109 Leg Wallet

Motorcycle PartsGivi, the well-known motorcycle luggage company, has now launched the Givi EA109 leg wallet. While the Givi EA109 leg wallet is perhaps not the snappiest-named item ever produced, it is really quite useful, allowing you to carry stuff without having to fix luggage to your motorcycle.

Light, sturdy and tough, the Givi EA109 leg wallet has two large pockets which can house a mobile phone, wallet, sunglasses, sandwiches and a host of small essentials.
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Unfortunate End to Texas Grand Prix Weekend for Movistar Yamaha

Motorcycle RacingToday’s Grand Prix of the Americas at the COTA circuit in Austin, Texas proved to be a difficult one for the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP riders with Valentino Rossi taking eighth and teammate Jorge Lorenzo taking tenth.

After a less than perfect start that saw him drop from sixth on the grid to ninth, Rossi re-grouped and started to work his way back through the pack. Displaying his trademark efficiency the nine-time world champion made short work of the opening laps, passing Andrea Dovizioso, Stefan Bradl and finally Cal Crutchlow for fourth in turn seven. Rossi then began to close down Andrea Iannone and looked confident of scoring a podium finish until a sudden loss of grip on the right side of the front tyre left him unable to keep his pace, dropping him to eighth which he held to the line.

Teammate Jorge Lorenzo experienced his second Grand Prix weekend to forget today, making a jump start at the beginning of the race and receiving a ride-through penalty as a result. He pitted immediately at the end of the opening lap and re-joined at the back of the field in 23rd. The four-time world champion then showed his dedication and professionalism, working hard to move back through the pack to earn his first championship points of the season. As he crossed the finish line he did so in tenth position, less than four seconds from Rossi in eighth.
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The 2014 Lifan LF250-P - 250cc Cruiser with Fuel Injection

Motorcycle ReviewsNot so long ago Lifan biggest competitor announced that they will introduce a modern 250cc V-twin cruiser equipped with a electronic fuel injection system. And as we expected Lifan has introduced the LF250-P, which is designed following the same family lines as the LF250-B and it will also be sold with the familiar V250 logo.

Some small design features are different, for instance the exhaust system is now matt black with only the heat shields on the muffler being chrome only, also the Lifan LF250-P will be equipped with a new front and rear light. The speedo on the Lifan LF250-P we had the pleasure to look at had displayed both km/h and mph (but this is market dependable).

For riding geometric the Lifan LF250-P has the wheelbase as the previous model (1495mm), the performance is according to Lifan about the same as the model with carburetor. Our experience is that the throttle response is much quicker and with that the bike gives the impression to be much more powerful.
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