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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 08:47 AM ICT
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The Motorcycle Boots - The Styles

Motorcycle PartsWhy do you need a motorcycle boot? You might think that the feet do little on the motorcycle apart from changing gears and operating the rear brake. But the truth is, if you're riding right, your feet are holding you to the motorcycle, creating stability and more. When you fall off the motorcycle, the boot has the unenviable job of protecting a vital, complex but fragile arrangement of joints and bones.

It goes about this in three ways. Impact protection saves your feet when impacting the road or whatever you are crashing into. Some kind of armor is needed to reduce the force that your foot has to deal with. Abrasion protection prevents the loss of skin and tissue that happens when your skin and flesh slide along the road at speed – some – things human bodies clearly aren't designed to do. The motorcycle boot must have materials that resist abrasion as well as closure systems that keep the motorcycle boot on your foot. Sneakers are singled out because even leather sneakers, which maybe give some abrasion protection, have problems staying on the foot meaning the overall abrasion protection is effectively zero.

Finally, there is hyperextension prevention. Hyperextension implies a joint being forced to move in a configuration it isn't designed to handle. Example could be your toes stuck under the motorcycle while you keel over backwards. Or an impact that forces your instep up so that it comes into contact with your skin. Both are unnatural movements that are sure to cause structural damage. Motorcycle boots feature a number of systems that are designed to prevent motion in the usual direction but not in other orientations. This can also make them uncomfortable for anything but riding a motorcycle...
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Honda's Cumulative Power Products Production in Thailand Reaches 25 Million Mark

Motorcycle NewsAsian Honda Motor Co., Ltd., the regional headquarters of Honda in Asia & Oceania, announced that Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd, a Honda motorcycle, power product, and component manufacturer in Thailand, today reached a cumulative production total of 25 million units of power products. In addition, Honda is planning to export a new backpack sprayer, the first power product model fully researched and developed by Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd., to customers worldwide this year.

Established in 1965 as Honda’s first production facility in Thailand, Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began producing power products in 1987. The company marked the milestone of cumulative production of 25 million units today, only two years after achieving the 20 million unit milestone in July 2012. A ceremony to commemorate the occasion was held at the plant, which is located in Bangkok.

Currently, Thai Honda produces a variety of high-quality power products such as general-purpose engines, water pumps, and brush cutters for customers in over 80 countries worldwide including Thailand, Japan, countries in Europe and North America, and elsewhere. Honda’s power products are used for a wide range of purposes such as agriculture, civil engineering, and for household needs and recreation. The most famous product is the small and lightweight GX engine series, which complies with CARB (California Air Resources Board) Tier III regulations, the most stringent emission regulation in the USA. Annual production capacity for power products is now approximately three million units.
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The Honda CB300F - Fun Without Fairing

Motorcycle NewsThe Honda CB300F is a naked-bike like the Honda CB500F but with the CBR300R engine. The engine used for the Honda CB300F is identical as the CBR300R it's no surprise that the performance is identical.

What has changed is that like the Honda CB500F, the handlebars are a bit taller for a more upright riding position and the neat and sharp styling is also inspired by the CB500F down to the new exhaust design.

The clever bit is that the loss of fairing brings a 4.5 kilograms weight saving that should make the horsepower and torque, and the CB300F's promise of a novice-friendly spread of power more juicy.
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The Triumph Speedmaster - Great Cruiser

Motorcycle ReviewsIf ever a name gave a false impression to a motorcycle then the Triumph Speedmaster is it, though to be fair, the Triumph Speedmaster name dates back to the 60s; this is what the US importers of Triumph called the T120R of the day, when parallel twins rules the road. Back then, the Triumph Speedmaster genuinely was fast. But back then it wasn't a cruiser. And today there aren't many cruisers that do the speed thing especially well; they're generally too heavy, lack the raw power of sportsbikes and push to much air.

Speed has no great bearing on how a cruiser functions on a daily basis. And on that score the Triumph Speedmaster challenges for the title of the easiest in the middleweight cruiser class. The Triumph Speedmaster looks great with its 865cc air-cooled 270º parallel twin engine sitting upright and proud complete with shiny slash-cut silencers gloss black headlamp surround, smooth 19 liters fuel tank finished in matte grey, asymmetrical spoked wheels and low curved seat. The only downside of the Triumph Speedmaster is probably the 730,000 THB asking price.
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Nobuatsu Aoki Making a Strong Recovery

Motorcycle RacingSuzuki MotoGP Test Team rider Nobuatsu Aoki is making a strong recovery from the high-speed crash he suffered at last month’s Suzuka 8-Hour World Endurance Championship race in Japan and could be back testing as early as next month.

The 42 year old, who was part of the Legend of Yoshimura Suzuki team alongside former World 500cc Champion Kevin Schwantz and former Japanese Champion Satoshi Tsujimoto, hopes to have the cast removed from his hand soon so he can start rehabilitation.

Aoki, who recently received a Suzuki Flag with get-well messages from Suzuki Motor Corporation staff and top-level management said: “I’m eager to have my plaster off as soon as possible, but I need to be cautious with the broken finger joint and not rush it. It was great to receive all the well-wishes from Suzuki recently, which really cheered me up; it’s wonderful to have this support from so many good people.”
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Movistar Yamaha Complete Successful One-Day Test in Brno

Motorcycle RacingFresh from their second consecutive double podium yesterday in the Czech Moto Grand Prix, Movistar Yamaha riders Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi were back on track today. The two spent the day focused on testing both a 2015 prototype M1 motorcycle and also a 2015 M1 engine placed within the 2014 frame.

The result of the test was positive overall. Lorenzo was first to test the 2015 machine, and was quick to rise to the top of the time sheets where he remained for most of the day, finally ending in second place, just 0.155 seconds from the front.

Teammate Rossi spent a productive day testing various details and was able to ride the 2015 prototype at the end of the day. The Italian was unable to replicate the same lap times as his teammate as the track conditions had dropped form the morning and finished in fifth place 1.035 seconds from the top.
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The 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 - Rumors Become Reality

Motorcycle NewsFor several years the top Yamaha Yamaha sportsbike didn't received some serious updates, while the competition came with all sorts of gadgets and electronics. Now it's time to for happiness, Yamaha will finally update the Yamaha YZF-R1.

Our latest information suggests that Yamaha is planning to finally update the YZF-R1 for 2015, continuing the range shakeup that's already seen the quick-fire launches of the Yamaha FZ-09 naked-bike.

The next-generation YZF-R1 was already spied testing in early 2013, disguised with YZF-R6 bodywork. The motorcycle is understood to retain its crossplane crankshaft and a four-cylinder engine, despite rumors that Yamaha was considering an 1100cc triple. Updates are sure to include increased power – around 200 horsepower at the crank – and much-improved electronics to keep up with rivals like the BMW HP4, including semi-active suspension. Yamaha has already trademarked the names YZF-R1M and YZF-R1S, suggesting two spec levels.
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MotoGP - Perfect Pedrosa Maintains Honda’s Clean Sweep of 2014 Wins

Motorcycle RacingDani Pedrosa (Repsol Honda RC213V) rode a superbly judged race at Brno to score his first victory of the season and thereby end the winning streak of team-mate Marc Marquez (Repsol Honda RC213V) who came home fourth this afternoon. Pedrosa’s 26th MotoGP victory strengthened his second place in the World Championship standings and moved him to within 77 points of Marquez with seven races remaining.

Pedrosa – who had already won here in MotoGP, 250s and 125s – started well from the second row of the grid and steadily worked his way to the front, setting a new lap record and then grabbing the lead from Jorge Lorenzo (Yamaha) at Turn Three on lap six. Although Lorenzo tried everything in his power to stay with the Honda he couldn’t quite manage it around the fast, majestic Brno circuit. At one point Pedrosa built a 1.7 second advantage over his closest rival, finally crossing the line 0.410 seconds ahead as he battled some front-end chatter issues during the final laps. After the race he strongly congratulated his team for his first win since Sepang 2013.

Marquez had won the previous ten races and looked likely to continue his winning streak after yesterday taking his ninth pole position of the year, but it was not to be. After passing Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) in the early stages it seemed that he would attempt to attack Lorenzo and Pedrosa and take the lead. But this time he didn’t quite have the set-up to challenge at the front. He was losing a fraction of second as he accelerated out of every corner due to a slight lack of rear grip. Initially he attempted to make up for the handicap by braking later into corners, but that only overheated the front tire.
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The Yamaha Tricity 125 - Tested On The Road

Motorcycle ReviewsThe Yamaha Tricity, is a three-wheeler and is primarily orientated for urban transport. The Yamaha Tricity is a 125cc scooter with two wheels at the front and one at the rear. So it's like the Piaggio MP3 but a bit smaller, lighter and most of all cheaper.

The front wheels are independently suspended but connected by a parallelogram link enabling them to lean in corners. Yet when you ride the Yamaha Tricity, you're rarely conscious of the extra front wheel. That's quite an achievement in engineering terms, although it might make you question why you'd bother having an extra wheel when you can get a conventional two-wheel scooter from Yamaha for a lot less.

The answer came on our test ride in downtown Bangkok, where the weather obliged our research by getting very wet. Coping with cobbles, bumping up kerbs and dodging other regular two-wheeled “out-of-control” scooters, motorcycles and a multitude of cars owners that had as only wish to try to hit me with their vehicle in one thing when it is dry, but potentially much trickier in wet weather. The Yamaha Tricity dealt with it all really well, giving a lot more confidence than I'd have helt in those conditions on a two-wheeled scooter.
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The Skully AR-1 - Smart-Helmet with Rearview Camera and More

Motorcycle PartsFor just over 40,000 THB you can have the latest in wearable technology - a smartHUD motorcycle helmet. The Skully AR-1 helmet augments navigation, incorporates a ultra wide angle rear view camera and displays riding info on the visor itself. Voice activated commands and smartphone sync means your hands never leave the handlebars.

The Heads Up Display, or HUD, has been slowly evolving beyond gaming and entertainment into real-world applications, including health and safety. As safety features for products become more aligned with technology, they’re looking into ways to make safety smarter. The idea is to let the technology focus on the little things while you pay attention to the road ahead.
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